Sunday, September 23, 2012

A very scary thought: Conservative Christians Will Give Obama Second Term

I got this in an email from the Northern Kentucky Tea Party. If the writer is correct in thinking conservatives may not want to vote for Mitt Romney because he is not a Christian then we are in big trouble. And this is something we all need to talk to our friends about, just in case they might feel the same way. There is no margin for error in the November elections. Either we throw Barack Hussein Obama and his corrupt, Godless Marxist/Socialist anti-American cohorts out of office or we face the real probability that our Constitutional Republic will cease to exist. That means the end of our Bill of Rights, including no more Second Amendment, no more Free Speech, no more Right to Assembly, no more Liberty.
The pols are showing a tight race, so every conservative, no matter what your religious convictions may be, has got to go out and vote for every Republican on the ballot, including Mitt Romney. If you even think about voting for a third-party candidate out of protest you must understand that by denying Romney your vote you WILL be voting for Barack Hussein Obama because any vote not going to Romney is a vote for Obama. And one more thought, to ensure our Liberty we must also elect a veto-proof Congress with a solid Republican majority, just in case Obama wins.
Conservative Christians Will Give Obama Second Term
As conservative Christian, I would love nothing more than to be able to vote for a Christian president.  I know of many other conservative Christians who feel the same way.  And because of their faith and convictions, they may well give Barack Obama a second term as president and insure the complete collapse of America.
I’ve heard a number of friends say that they will not vote for Obama or Romney because neither of them are Christian.  They either intend to vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, or a write-in candidate that is a Christian or not vote at all.  I’ve tried to explain to them that by throwing their votes to anyone other than Romney will only serve to improve Obama’s chances of winning re-election.
Sadly, they counter with the statement that if all Christians voted this way, it would make a difference.  The fact is, not all Christians will vote this way and no one other than Obama or Romney stand a chance of winning the election.  Taking their votes away from Romney will only help Obama.
Even though Romney is a Mormon and Johnson a Christian, Romney favors more Christian values than Johnson does.  Gary Johnson professes to be a Lutheran, but he favors and endorses abortion and same-sex marriage.  Johnson also endorses the legalization of marijuana.  Romney is against abortion, same-sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana.
However, it seems that none of this matters to some conservative Christians.  All they care about is voting for a Christian, regardless of how liberal his values and morals are.  My response to them on this issue is to consider that God used Rahab, a non-Hebrew prostitute to save the Hebrew spies that Joshua sent to spy out the Promised Land that God promised His people.  God also used Balaam’s ass to keep him from certain destruction.  If God can use a prostitute and an ass to save His people, then I’m sure He could use a Mormon to help save America.
On the converse, I seriously doubt that God would bless America if we re-elect a Muslim leader whose religion promotes the complete destruction and annihilation of Christians worldwide.  If you don’t believe it, just look at how much of His blessing He has pulled away from America during the reign of Obama.  The more our nation embraces Obama’s heathen ways, especially the endorsement of same-sex marriage and the further removal of all things Christian, the more God has turned His blessings into judgments.
If conservative Christians do not vote for Mitt Romney, it greatly increases the chances of Obama’s re-election and the further removal of God’s blessings.  More Obama means more of God’s judgment and I’m not sure how much more judgment America can stand before we can stand no longer and fall into ruin.



  1. ...are you a complete idiot? I'm going to guess you think President Obama isn't American, either...don't you?

    Please tell me you don't beleieve everything you read from your right-wing friends and on the internet. Please tell me you know how to do some real research - objective research, not research from other complete right-wing idiots.

    Remember, if you are as staunch a defender of the constitution, you'll post this comment as not posting it would violate my freedom of speech (to counteract whatever psychotropic drugs you were on when you put this page together).

    1. Anonymous: Matter of fact I happen to believe Obama was born in America but that he knows nothing about what being an American is. I also believe from the facts I have seen that Obama's long form birth certificate is a forgery but only to conceal the name of his true father, the communist Frank Marshal Davis. I believe that because it fits the known facts. Suggest you get a copy of Dreams From My Real Father, it may open your eyes. I notice that you offered no proof to support your arguments so here is some of mine. The copy of the birth certificate on the White House web site has faint but visible numbers written in pencil in certain boxes. Those numbers were penciled in by the Hawaii clerk who prepared the form to indicate the original copy had no information placed in those boxes. Whoever forged the original forgot to remove the numbers.


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