Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why not end ALL Foreign Aid to every country. Hasn't anyone learned yet that you can't buy your friends?

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End ALL Foreign Aid To Countries Involved With Attacks On US Embassies 

America is under attack. You read that correctly; America is once again facing state sponsored terrorism. This time the attacks are against our embassies throughout the world. By international law, these embassies are the sovereign territory of the United States. One of our ambassadors has already been killed in Libya, along with members of his staff.

What was our President’s response to these outrageous attacks? He apologized. Instead of showing strength, Barack Hussein Obama apologized to the Muslim world over a video that simply depicted the Muslim Prophet Mohammad in the flesh. Apparently, this is sacrilege in the Muslim religion. Evidently, the folks involved in these attacks and protests do not believe in free speech. Murder, arson and violence are all acceptable but free speech is not and our President APOLOGIZED to these animals?

Do you believe that the countries involved in these embassy attacks should get off with nothing more than an apology? Or are you like most Americans that are outraged with this state sponsored terrorism? Do you believe that countries that fail to protect our embassies while under attack should face some sort of consequences for their cowardly actions?

Luckily, we are not alone in our anger over these despicable and cowardly actions. Conservative lawmakers are working on legislation that would cut off funding for the countries involved in the initial embassy violence that erupted in Egypt and Libya last week. We must further urge them to add Yemen to the list as well as and any other nation that refuses to properly protect our embassies.
Foreign aid is a GIFT and it should be taken away if the receiving government does not protect American citizens located within their borders. Frankly, if a single American citizen is killed due to state sponsored terrorism then air strikes against the offending country should commence immediately.

Unfortunately, we have the reincarnation of Neville Chamberlain as our President. Barack Obama has decided to use the failed policies of appeasement in dealing with these terrorists. Marines and air strikes are much more effective at ending terrorist threats and preempting future attacks than apologies from a sniveling, coward of a President.

It is time we stand up for our nation and our republican form of government. We MUST stop making excuses for terrorist behavior. The Obama Administration is blaming a video rather than the terrorists!

In fact, Obama was given actionable intelligence reports regarding the terrorist plot a week before these attacks occurred. Unfortunately, our “President” was too busy seeking reelection to bother attending his daily intelligence briefings. Four people have died from Obama’s incompetence and thousands more are in danger worldwide.

If Obama won’t act, we MUST demand that Congress step up to the plate. Luckily, we aren’t alone. As stated earlier, several conservative legislators are fighting to block American aid to Libya and Egypt. We must demand that they add Yemen, Sudan, and Tunisia to the list of countries that will lose aid for either aiding and abetting terrorism or turning a blind eye to the activities of these monsters.

Al-Qaeda is publicly pushing for the murder of American diplomats worldwide; all the while protests are flaring up in countries throughout the globe. If our Commander-in-Chief is too scared to act, then we must demand Congress act within their constitutionally granted capacity. Such capacity includes forgoing aid to countries that can’t seem to protect our diplomatic representatives and embassies.

Stand with us today! Demand that Congress stop giving money in the form of foreign aid to the very same monsters that are murdering our diplomats and threatening the lives of Americans worldwide. If our President won’t stand up for us, it is up to us to stand up for ourselves. Fax Congress today and demand all foreign aid be eliminated for any country that cannot protect our embassy and/or diplomats. Foreign aid is a privilege and these foreign leaders must know we will no longer accept excuses. Protect American interests or lose American aid. It is as simple as that.


Tony Adkins

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