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Protecting Muslims from Americans - or - Protecting Americans from Muslims?

Two stories in the past two days that bear a significant reading on how truthful news is being distorted to protect those who hate America. First, on the web site Bare Naked Islam, comes a story fairly close to home. BNI reports that in my neighboring state of Ohio, on the campus of Ohio State University, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, placed a full page ad in the OSU campus newspaper, The Lantern, that identified the former leaders of the Muslim Student Association on various college campuses in America and asked Where Are They Now?. Was it because the names listed happened to be those MSA leaders who turned out to be convicted Islamic terrorists that Muslim students became so enraged at the truth being revealed? Read for yourself and decide.
OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY: MUSLIM outrage over advertisement linking Muslim Student Association members with terrorism

Outraged Muslim students at the Ohio State University have mobilized after The Lantern, the campus’s official student-run newspaper, published what they say is a discriminatory advertisement linking the Muslim Student Association to international terrorism. 

DH Freedom Center  Titled “Former leaders of the Muslim Student Association (MSA)”, the advertisement asks “Where are they now?” and lists nine MSA co-founders and former Presidents as having ties to alleged terrorist groups. One such listing describes Jamal Barzini as both a co-founder of the MSA and a close associate of Hamas.
The advertisement was paid for by FrontPage Magazine, an online publication funded by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a national institution recognized for its harsh and derogator bold and accurate stance against Islam.
The advertisement, printed on page 2 of the newspaper, drew immediate criticism for its direct assault on Muslim representation on American college campuses. According to Jana Al-Akhras, a 2nd year student and member of the university’s MSA, “it’s a blatant attempt at reinforcing stereotypes and causing widespread fear of Muslims on campus.” (They SHOULD be afraid of Muslims)
Students across campus have already begun to protest the advertisement. “We are writing a letter to the editor,” said Nadia Ismail, a 1st year undergraduate at OSU, and “will be in touch with groups on and off campus” to stand against what Al-Akhras calls a blanket statement labeling Muslim students as security threats. OSU’s MSA is currently planning a course of action. (Can’t take the truth, can you?)
Although The Lantern was not responsible for putting the advertisement together, Al-Akhras says she holds the newspaper accountable. “It wasn’t an op-ed. It was a paid advertisement and they [The Lantern] had all the right to refuse it.”
Asked whether this form of advertisement should be expected, Ismail said that “it has become acceptable to discriminate against Muslims. I don’t think any attack this forthcoming would have been published about any other religion.” (No other religion is synonymous with terrorism)

Click the image for a larger view:
There is much to discuss about freedom of speech on college campuses but “there’s a fine line between freedom of speech and hate speech,” Al-Akhras said in an interview. To imply that the MSA, assuming the advertisement’s allegations are true, is responsible for international terrorism only “breeds hatred.” (Yes, the truth about Islam creates hatred for Islam)
Both Al-Akhras and Ismail hope this experience will show that discrimination on and off campus will not be tolerated.
More on the MSA: Muslim Student Association

Then another story, this time from Jihad watch, that reports about a story in the New York Times (that bastion of leftist apologists) where more Muslims have become outraged that the New York City Police Dept. has been showing a movie called The Third Jihad as part of its counter-terrorism training program to police officers. In the film, there is a scene of a group of Muslims protesting in NYC and one of them is holding a sign showing the black flag of Islam flying over the White House. The NY Times suggests the photo was fake but, in fact, it was not as Jihad Watch posted the original article, Jihad at Ground Zero on February 7, 2006 that showed it.
This whole controversy is epitomized by the photo illustration and lead paragraph of the first New York Times story on this issue: "In Police Training, a Dark Film on U.S. Muslims," by Michael Powell, January 23. The photo shows the black flag of jihad flying above the White House, with the caption, "An Islamic flag atop the White House in 'The Third Jihad.'”
Then the lead paragraph says: "Ominous music plays as images appear on the screen: Muslim terrorists shoot Christians in the head, car bombs explode, executed children lie covered by sheets and a doctored photograph shows an Islamic flag flying over the White House."
Both the Times' use of the image and its reference to it at the beginning of the story suggest that the producers of The Third Jihad doctored the photo themselves in order to push their cockamamie idea that some Muslims want to "infiltrate and dominate America." But in reality, Muslims originated this image, as we have reported here several times. Here is a photo of Muslims holding up this photo at a rally in New York in February 2006:
Click here to read the rest of this article with the numerous quotes made by Islamic leaders in the past.
Islam is the same wherever you go and the proponents all seem to be acting from the same script. In Columbus, Ohio, in New York City or in Pakistan or Iran, or Egypt, or Lebanon, or Syria or any Muslim country: Make it a crime to tell the truth about the violence of this political system, don't remind anyone of the past criminal acts committed by the leaders or the hate speeches they have made. Don't quote the passages from the Koran, no matter how much they spew hatred against Christians and Jews (and 60% of the Koran is about that) because it causes Muslims to become embarrassed. Yes, they become embarrassed when they must try to explain how their Religion of Peace commands so much hatred towards non-Muslims. And how do we handle the truth about Islam when we discover that three independent investigations have found that 80% of the mosques in America have anti-American hate literature on display. How do we feel when the Pew Research Institute surveys Muslims and finds 26% in America approve of killing in the name of their religion. Do we just sweep it under the rug or make believe it doesn't exist or do we do what the Democrats do, like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who joins the United Nations commission to discuss making it a crime to say bad things about Islam? I think its time we followed Gen. George Washington's orders and "Place none but Americans on guard tonight".  2012 is a good time to start.



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