Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The lasting legacy that Rep. Geoff Davis has given to Kentucky. He helped to destroy the Bill of Rights.

There is an expression that says, "If you are not part of the solution then you must be part of the problem." And it is very much applicable as a negative attribute to Republican Congressman Geoff Davis from my own 4th CD in Kentucky. I supported Geoff Davis during his first campaign for Congress when he was running against the incumbent Democrat Ken Lucas and lost. I supported him again two years later when he won after Lucas had decided not to run for reelection. Then came an eye-opening personal experience after I wrote Congressman Davis an email asking him to clarify a story I read about the Secret Service, who, while guarding an Obama motorcade in Bristol, Virginia, had been seen pointing their weapons at some citizens standing at the curb along the route. I wrote about that here: October 19, 2009,  Stupidity is killing the Republican Party.  Someone in Geoff Davis' office took my email and sent it along with my name to the Secret Service.
On July 31st the Gateway Pundit ran a blog story about an invitation only townhall meeting Obama attended in Bristol, Virginia and eyewitness accounts of the Secret Service. Here is the link to that story: Tea Party: Bristol Style!  Friday, July 31, 2009, 9:17 PM http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/2009/07/

The story described some first hand accounts who witnessed several carloads of Secret Service people in the presidential motorcade pointing automatic weapons at citizens holding signs protesting Obamacare who were standing along the street while the motorcade drove by.
Like any concerned citizen I wrote to my Congressman in the 4th CD in Kentucky, Geoff Davis, who happens to be a conservative Republican, and asked him for his opinion since I was just as alarmed as the eyewitnesses.

Today I received a written reply from Congressman Davis' National Security Advisor Dan Adelstein, typed on a blank piece of paper with no letterhead. That response has shocked me for the careless way it was handled. Dan Adelstein had taken my email to Mr. Davis and sent it to the Dept. of Homeland Security - Secret Service along with my name and told them I was concerned about the way they did their job in Bristol, Virginia. 

Now, l am well aware that I have an Arab name since I got it from my father 70 years ago when I was born in New York. My father was a Caucasian of Austrian decent who happened to be a Muslim born in Morocco over 100 years ago and came to America when he was a young boy. The point of contention is I am neither an Arab nor a Muslim (read my profile) and am well aware that Homeland Security spends a lot of time investigating these people of interest. I would have thought that when a Congressman's constituent, especially one who has contributed to his campaigns, writes a letter of concern that it would be kept anonymous when his staff made any inquiries about it. I was so alarmed about the way this was mishandled that I sent another email today to Congressman Geoff Davis today which I reprint below.

I am not sure how the National Republican Congressional Committee sets the office procedures for Congressman but the way this was handled is the height of stupidity. If the National Republican Party is unaware of the public concern over how Homeland Security is doing its job then they need to get a better grip on reality.
This should have forewarned me about Geoff Davis' unfamiliarity with Homeland Security's scrutiny of conservatives in America ie: the Patriot Act. But Geoff Davis' lasting legacy to the citizens of Kentucky will be his "Aye" vote on the controversial National Defense Authorization Act just signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama. To say that the National Defense Authorization Act is controversial is an understatement. There are provisions within this law just signed by Barack Hussein Obama, provisions requested by Obama himself, that nullify the Constitution of the United States. Provisions that give any president the power to have the military round up and detain any U.S. citizen and hold them indefinitely without trial.

This bill, HR 1540, which was created in the House, passed when 227 Republicans, including our own Geoff Davis, who voted “Aye” on a roll call vote, joined with 95 Democrats to send the bill over to the Senate. The only Kentuckian to vote against it was Sen. Rand Paul.

And how many are familiar with the comments made by Democrat Senator Carl Levin who admitted on the floor of the Senate that it was Barack Hussein Obama who demanded that the power to indefinite detention be placed inside this bill?

The original version of HR 1540 contained language that exempted U.S. citizens from being arrested and held without trial but Obama demanded that section be removed. Answering a question from another Senator during a Senate session, Sen. Levin said, "And I'm wondering whether the senator is familiar with the fact that the language, the language which precluded the application of section 1031 to American citizens was in the bill that we originally approved in the armed services committee, and the administration asked us to remove the language which says that U.S. citizens and lawful residents would not be subject to this section?

"Is the senator familiar with the fact that it was the administration which asked us to remove the very language we had in the bill which passed the committee and that we removed it at the request of the administration, that would have said that this determination would not apply to U.S. citizens and lawful residents?" said Levin.
Welcome to our new Police State. Thanks to dimwitted politicians like Geoff Davis, America has been turned into a third-world country.

Now we learn that Congressman Davis has announced that he will not run for reelection this year and the local Republican Party and the local Tea Party is all upset about losing such a stalwart conservative. I say good riddance to this make-believe conservative RINO. 

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