Sunday, January 15, 2012

Afghan children told by Mullahs their suicide vests wont hurt them.

The British newspaper, The Telegraph, has a story today about children in Afghanistan that are being brainwashed by Islamic clerics into wearing suicide vest bombs. The Islamic Mullahs have convinced them through intense anti-American indoctrination that when they detonate their bombs that Allah will protect them from harm while they kill the Westerners. One thing about Islam is the consistency in its teachings. And, as the intrepid anti-jihad web site Jihad Watch comments, this situation is a win-win situation for the Muslim fanatics because, "What they really want is to place NATO forces in a situation where they have to decide between dying in a bombing and using force to stop the bomber. The propaganda mill would then say that NATO forces fired on a child." And, yes, I seem to recall reading about those incidents in the hysterical leftist American newspapers.

Here is a few details from the Telegraph story worth reading. Click the headline to read the full story.
Afghan boy suicide bombers tell how they are brainwashed into believing they will survive 
Child suicide bombers say they were told by their handlers that the "bombs would not kill us, only the Americans would die".
The mission was as simple as touching two wires together, the little boy was promised. The resulting blast would obliterate the American infidels – but God would spare him from the flame and shrapnel. Abdul Samat would be unharmed and free to run back to the men who had fitted his bomb vest.

    Blindfolded and rigged with his explosive payload, the boy, who was about 13, was driven to his target in the Afghan city of Kandahar, after being plucked from the streets of Quetta in neighbouring Pakistan. Minutes before he was due to execute the attack, however, Abdul realised the lies of his recruiters seeking to turn him into a human bomb.

The largely illiterate boys are fed a diet of anti-Western and anti-Afghan government propaganda until they are prepared to kill, he said. But the boys are also assured that they will miraculously survive the devastation they cause.

    "The worst part is that these children don't think that they are killing themselves," said the official. "They are often given an amulet containing Koranic verses. Mullahs tell them, 'When this explodes you will survive and God will help you survive the fire. Only the infidels will be killed, you will be saved and your parents will go to paradise'."
That intense anti-American indoctrination is not confined just to Afghanistan. It is the basis of the Wahhabi text material taught in Muslim schools in Saudi Arabia and in the mosques in America financed by the Saudi government. And the practice of using children to carry out suicide bomb missions is a common practice found in many Muslim countries, including Palestine where the terrorist group Hamas, supported by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), publicly displays them.
How many times must we read about how the followers of Islam love death as much as we love life. And how often must we be reminded that Barack Hussein Obama says we must respect Islam. How many times, before we realize the Religion of Peace is not what it says it is.


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