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The difference between US and them. Freedom of Speech in America carries a death sentence in Islam.

Some thoughts on what makes America so special. While the Democrats in Washington are rapidly trying to dismantle our U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights, people in the Middle Eastern Islamic countries are dying in an effort to openly discuss the oppressive military/political/religious culture of Islam. And if there was ever any doubt that that oppressive culture was isolated to one particular geographic area, let me call your attention to an article published in the National Review Online, "Islam is Islam, And That's It" , subtitled, "The Arab Spring was not hijacked, written by Andrew C. McCarthy. To briefly quote from this lengthy, informative piece, here are the first four paragraphs. Please click the link and read the rest.
‘Islam Is Islam, And That’s It’
The Arab Spring was not hijacked

The tumult indelibly dubbed “the Arab Spring” in the West, by the credulous and the calculating alike, is easier to understand once you grasp two basics. First, the most important fact in the Arab world — as well as in Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other neighboring non-Arab territories — is Islam. It is not poverty, illiteracy, or the lack of modern democratic institutions. These, like anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, and an insular propensity to buy into conspiracy theories featuring infidel villains, are effects of Islam’s regional hegemony and supremacist tendency, not causes of it. One need not be led to that which pervades the air one breathes.

The second fact is that Islam constitutes a distinct civilization. It is not merely an exotic splash on the gorgeous global mosaic with a few embarrassing cultural eccentricities; it is an entirely different way of looking at the world. We struggle with this truth, which defies our end-of-history smugness. Enthralled by diversity for its own sake, we have lost the capacity to comprehend a civilization whose idea of diversity is coercing diverse peoples into obedience to its evolution-resistant norms.

So we set about remaking Islam in our own progressive image: the noble, fundamentally tolerant Religion of Peace. We miniaturize the elements of the ummah (the notional global Muslim community) that refuse to go along with the program: They are assigned labels that scream “fringe!” — Islamist, fundamentalist, Salafist, Wahhabist, radical, jihadist, extremist, militant, or, of course, “conservative” Muslims adhering to “political Islam.”

We consequently pretend that Muslims who accurately invoke Islamic scripture in the course of forcibly imposing the dictates of classical sharia — the Islamic legal and political system — are engaged in “anti-Islamic activity,” as Britain’s former home secretary Jacqui Smith memorably put it. When the ongoing Islamization campaign is advanced by violence, as inevitably happens, we absurdly insist that this aggression cannot have been ideologically driven, that surely some American policy or Israeli act of self-defense is to blame, as if these could possibly provide rationales for the murderous jihad waged by Boko Haram Muslims against Nigerian Christians and by Egyptian Muslims against the Copts, the persecution of the Ahmadi sect by Indonesian and Pakistani Muslims, or the internecine killing in Iraq of Sunnis by Shiites and vice versa — a tradition nearly as old as Islam itself — which has been predictably renewed upon the recent departure of American troops.
So how does this open discussion about Islam play out in the heart of darkness? First, a story from Iran c/o APA News. From the APA, Azerbaijan press agency. The Azerbaijan Press Agency (APA) is one of the chief news agencies in Azerbaijan. The agency is an independent private limited liability company founded in 2004.
8 people imprisoned in Iran for holding discussion on Islam in internet
21 Jan 2012 18:42
Baku. Konul Jafarli – APA. 7 men and 1 woman were imprisoned in Iran for holding discussions on Islam in the internet.

APA reports that Kamran Ayazi was imprisoned for 9 years, Laden Mustofi for 5 years, Haniye Sane Farshi for 7 years, Hujjatullah Nikuyi for 5 years, Mohammedrza Puneki for 6 years, Mohammedrza Ahlagi for 6 years, Sapehr Ibragimi for 8 years, Amir Latifi for 7 years because of discussing and disputing on Islamic rules in the internet. They were arrested in February 2011 by ETTELAAT. Now they are kept in Tehran prison.

Tebriz resident Haniye Sane Farshi is Azerbaijani and isn’t engaged in political activity. 
And a few more tidbits courtesy of The Winds of Jihad, an Australian web site that collects news from around the world. (Not sure if they misspelled "Human" on purpose)

Blasphemy & Yuman Rites Under Islam

by sheikyermami on January 29, 2012

Islam is not to be doubted:

Iran imprisons 8 for discussing Islam on the Internet
Iranian bloggers to be executed for ‘spreading corruption’ as Tehran cracks down in run up to elections
  • Four journalists also arrested in moves to curb freedom of expression
  • U.S. State Department urges Iran to ‘protect rights of all citizens’
  • Israel says ‘world must act quickly’ as UN urges West to resume talks
  • Iran’s parliament will decide on Sunday whether to stop oil exports to EU
 No need for more talks. The time for action is NOW!

Yuman Rites Champion Turkey  
Turkey topped the list of countries that violated the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) with 159 cases. Russia followed Turkey with 121 cases and Ukraine with 105.
Well, if that doesn’t get them a place of honor in the EUSSR I don’t know what will…..

Will Egypt’s Revolution Pass the Mickey Mouse Test? (

Egypt’s new Islamist leaders are putting a businessman [is] on trial for “insulting religion”. Oddly enough, religion doesn’t seem to be suffering.
Blasphemy in Tunisia
Tunisian TV executive to stand trial for “blasphemy” over animated movie
Nabil Karoui, owner of the Tunisian Nassma TV station is set to stand trial for “violating sacred values” and “disturbing the public order.” Karoui has told reporters, “I will plead not guilty, of course. It is outrageous that it was I who appear, as people who burned my house were released. (via Vlad)
Just remember: this is exactly what awaits us if we let   The World’s First Muslim Human Rights Commission foist their counterfeit  Islamic yuman rites package on us.
“The OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu summarized the task of the Commission to removing the misperceptions regarding the interface between Islam and Human Rights.”
And don't forget, our very own staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights in America, our Democrat secretary of state Hillary Clinton, has openly expressed interest in the OIC, and in the United Nations efforts to make criticizing Islam a crime. There does seem to be contradiction in how the leftist Democrats in Washington define the term "blasphemy" because they never raise any objections when Christians and Jews are mocked, insulted, attacked or threatened. They only complain when someone says a nasty thing about Muslims. 
When an "artist" in this country creates an exhibit showing the crucified Jesus immersed in a jar of urine and titles it "Piss Christ" or makes a video with another crucifix crawling with ants they find no trouble getting sponsored by the taxpayer funded leftist leaning National Endowment for the Arts. Its all in the name of artistic expression and protected by the 1st Amendment. But publish a cartoon depicting Mohammad wearing a bomb in his turban and there is hell to pay for the hate speech and no one is protected by any rights according to Democrats. And lets not forget that in Islam, the mere act of converting to another religion is the ultimate blasphemy and according to the Koran is punishable by death.
What was that old expression we used to say?  "What's good for the goose is good for the gander." No, that's not it, I think the more appropriate response is "You got it coming because you asked for it."


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