Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Obama's plan to bankrupt America and disarm the military is right on track.

The bad news from our nation’s capitol is that the Debt Super Committee, a group of lawmakers that was assembled without any constitutional authority, has been unable to reach an agreement on reducing the national debt. Consider that this committee was comprised of 6 Republicans and 6 Democrats, all voting along party lines, it could reasonably be anticipated that it was never designed to work. But that is not the worst part of the present situation. The Super Committee was working under a very real threat that if it failed to agree on a solution an automatic trigger would cause budget cuts to take place to reduce 1.2 Trillion dollars from the 2013 budget. That 1.2 Trillion dollar budget cut would be spread across every Federal department equally based upon the total dollar amount of their budgets. That means that vital services such as the Defense Department, Social Security and Medicare would be reduced by an equal percentage alongside non-vital services such as the Departments of Education, Energy and Interior. At a time when America is involved in two wars and faces daily threats from terrorist activity and also, until the Supreme Court decides against the Obama socialized medicine law, an additional 500 million dollar reduction in Medicare for the elderly, we cannot afford to cut an anticipated $450 Billion from national defense.

If the government was serious in reducing spending they would eliminate all non-essential departments that do not produce vital services. The Departments of Education, Energy and Interior do not provide any vital services, they are all bloated with high-salaried bureaucrats. Does anyone really know what benefit the Dept. of Education provides to our nation’s school system aside from making our education system one of the worst in the world? Instead of cutting waste in government, Obama arranged for huge bailouts and loans to companies that were friendly supporters of the Democratic Party. Obama took control of General Motors and turned a third of the company’s assets over to the United Auto Workers union which had helped him get elected. Obama bailed out Chrysler Group LLC, the giant auto maker and ordered 700 plus dealerships closed. Guess which one’s? The dealerships that were shut down were owned by a majority of Republicans in cities where they were in competition with other dealerships owned by Democrats that were unaffected. In the first two years since his election in 2008, when the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, they virtual raped and pillaged the U.S. Treasury as if they were a conquering hoard and they borrowed heavily from China to give the money to their own supporters.

If any rational person were to propose a drastic cut in national defense in these times of need they would immediately fall under suspicion of doing something unpatriotic. But by tying those defense cuts to the agreements of an unconstitutional committee that was designed to fail we are now facing a grave potential danger to our national security.

Barack Hussein Obama has never been a friend or ally of our military. He instituted stupefying changes in the soldiers Rules of Engagement that placed every member of our Armed Forces at risk on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rules such as not being allowed to have a live round chambered in readiness while on patrol, or not being allowed to fire on the enemy until they shoot first or not being allowed to fire back if the enemy is using a school or hospital or civilian dwelling for cover as they often did. 

Barach Hussein Obama has never been a friend or ally of the United States of America, either. He bowed before the Muslim king of Saudi Arabia and stifled our own domestic oil production making us more dependent on oil from the Middle-East. He supplicated himself before the communist dictators of China and through the interest on their loans helped boost China's military development. 
Raised as a Muslim in Indonesia, adopted by a Muslim step-father and a mother who associated with communists and leftists. Obama can truly be called the man who never was because his past documentation is hidden from public scrutiny and questionable documents such as a forged birth certificate follow him everywhere. His own so-called autobiography appears to have been written by a left-wing radical from the Weather Underground named Bill Ayers who admitted to bombing the Pentagon and killing policemen in the 1970’s. He spent 20 years attending church services at a grossly anti-American church listening to sermons by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright who constantly condemned America for every problem in the world.
He has added two leftist Justices to the Supreme Court and considering the age of some of the remaining Justices, if Obama has another four years in the White House he will surely replace a few more of them with his left-wing cronies that will strip away the remaining rights and liberty all Americans enjoy today.  By that time, disarming our military would be the least of our problems because he would certainly nullify our right to bear arms.


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