Friday, November 18, 2011

Liberal media protecting Obama at all costs, ignores an abundance of scandals.

Determined to protect Obama at all costs, the liberal media are turning a blind eye to an abundance of scandals involving this administration. This media white-washing of Obama is misleading millions and putting our nation in peril. The Media Research Center is calling out the media, and needs your immediate help. See details and action items below.
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From the Desk of:
David Martin, Executive Vice President

Lies, scandal & coverup: the liberal media are working hand in glove with the White House on all three.  Whether it’s simply ignoring major scandals – like 80% of stimulus green energy money going to top Obama donors – or helping Atty. General Eric Holder by repeating his lies on what he knew and when he knew it on Fast & Furious, the liberal media couldn’t be any deeper in President Obama’s pocket.

The liberal media make it their business to savage conservatives at every turn; they do so without regard for facts or details of any perceived scandal. They even create scandals where none exist. But when our multi-millionaire Vice President charges rent to the Secret Service ( i.e. . . the taxpayers) who are at his home to protect him, the media look the other way.

We’ve compiled a partial list of some of the biggest administration scandals of 2011. Click here to see the list and to demand the media stop lying, hiding and spinning for the White House.

The White House pressuring a top general to change his Congressional testimony regarding Pentagon fears about a company’s cell network interfering with military communications is a major scandal and one that endangers our national security.

The scandal gets bigger when it comes to light that the company, LightSquared, is owned by major Obama donors.  It get bigger yet when it comes to light that the President himself was an early investor in the company.  Yet the liberal media are content to ignore a bombshell like this, simply because it will damage their hero at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Click here for the full report and to take action:
Most recently, it has come to light that the Obama Administration has handed a no-bid, half billion contract to make a smallpox drug of dubious value to a company owned by a major Obama backer.  Readers of Michelle Malkin’s column at now all of the details of this shocking Chicago-style corruption, but those millions of Americans who rely solely on the network newscasts, are completely unaware.
Roll in the fact that as the various Occupy protests around the country devolve in violent mobs, the media have decided not to mention Barack Obama’s embarrassing support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

This double standard is poisoning our nation

Nelson, this gets to the very heart of liberal media bias.  Any hint of a scandal, no matter how dubious the source or how little information there may be, if it involves a conservative, the liberal media will shout it from the rooftops. But if a scandal might damage a liberal, major newspapers and television networks all keep their mouths shut hoping no one will hear of it!  Simply consider the so-called “sex scandals” of Herman Cain and John McCain compared to the hush-hush treatment for liberal presidential candidate John Edwards (who is now under indictment).

Yet the waterfall of scandals pouring out of this White House are routinely ignored until Congressional subpoenas are flying, and even then, White House spin is reported as fact.

Click here for the list of some of the biggest scandals and to demand the media stop lying, hiding and spinning for the White House.

A healthy republic requires an informed citizenry, and by the media’s malpractice on the many, many scandals of an administration right out of the Chicago political machine, they are robbing U.S. citizens of the information that they need to make informed choices at the ballot box.
Please share our roundup of scandals with your friends and family.  Ask them to take action with you, by signing our petition demanding the media stop spinning for President Obama.
Thank you for standing with us at this crucial hour.
David Martin

P.S. If you were considering making a gift to the MRC in 2011, now is the time to do so. Until December 1st, all donations up to $60,000 will be doubled by one of our most generous supporters:
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