Sunday, November 13, 2011

Federal government takes over the Internet. Obama's plan to silence blogger criticism.

On November 20, 2011, the Federal government will officially take control of the Internet through the Federal Communications Commission’s Net Neutrality regulations.
The cowardice of our Senate was on full display during Thursday’s vote to allow Obama’s illegal power-grab to stand, by a vote of 46-52. This latest, lawless act by this administration is particularly heinous because the takeover was prompted in part because of widespread Tea Party success...
Certainly you can’t expect the liberal media to tell the truth. The fact is, they are praising the move, eagerly parroting administration talking points, and wagging an accusatory finger at us for trying to stop the fed infiltration!
The truth is Net Neutrality will be used as a weapon to silence both conservatives and Tea Party Americans -- the last remaining obstacles to the Left's implementation of their socialist agenda.
+ + Official Citizen Protest of the FCC Takeover of the Internet + +
Although the votes have been cast, and the fate of the Internet appears sealed -- a move that experts predict will kill the greatest engine of economic growth over the last 15 years, citizens don’t have to remain silent!
In fact, Grassfire Nation is already mobilizing citizens to  “Occupy the FCC,” through a massive petition initiative.
Oppose this Leftist takeover that has been described as a government solution to a problem that doesn’t exist by joining our Occupy the FCC move by adding your name to our petition.
Even if you have already signed our earlier petition, click on the link below to re-sign and re-state your staunch opposition to the Fed takeover of the Internet beginning on November 20. 
Click here to sign our petition:
With your help, Grassfire Nation will hand-deliver at least 200,000 citizen petitions directly to top FCC and Senate officials in a massive grassroots display.
While we are well on our way towards reaching this petition threshold, we need your help!
+ + Alert your friends + +
The Internet has become an integral part of everyday life for virtually all Americans, and with this takeover, the government moves us closer to controlling the unfettered access to news and information that we choose to read!
This was an illegal move by the government, and it is up to the American people to respond to what can only be described as an attack on our freedom.
After adding your name to our petition, please forward this  message to 30-40 friends and family members -- many of  whom are either unaware of the Net Neutrality restrictions  and how they will impact them, or are being misled by a liberal media parroting Leftist talking points suggesting that Net Neutrality is a good thing. 
Urge them to join Grassfire Nation’s “Occupy the FCC” move by clicking here:
Since the November, 2010 landslide election, the Left has been plotting ways to silence conservative and Tea Party speech. With Net Neutrality now in place they are one step closer to making this a reality.
Don’t be silenced by the Left. Take immediate action today by clicking below:
Thank you for your outstanding efforts.
Grassfire Nation

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