Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Obama's DOD authorized superior thermal imaging sniper scopes for sale to Pakistan while U.S. troops get supplied with outdated weapons.

The facts behind the title of this post apparently haven't made the front page news but they were revealed in a lawsuit filed by none other that former Marine and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer from Green County, Kentucky. It seems that Dakota Meyer took a job with B.A.E. Systems, a high tech military manufacturer, after leaving the Marine Corps. Meyer discovered that his employer had been authorized by the Defense Dept. to sell a state-of-the art thermal imaging sniper scope manufactured by B.A.E. Systems to the Islamic government of Pakistan while at the same time our troops in Afghanistan were being supplied with outdated equipment. Meyer sent emails to his employer complaining of this and was fired from his job. He then applied for a job with another company and was told he was unacceptable because his previous employer, B.A.E. Systems, had labeled him as having a drinking problem.
Here is a little background story on B.A.E. Systems from the web site Soldier Systems a Defense industry newsletter concerning the thermal imaging sniper scope.

OASYS Technology

Monday, May 23rd, 2011
Late last summer we mentioned that BAE Systems had acquired OASYS (OPTICAL ASSEMBLIES AND SYSTEMS) Technology. What we didn’t do is tell you the nuts and bolts of what OASYS actually does. They specialize in Electro-Optics and just happen to make, what are in our opinion, the hottest IR systems out there. In fact, you may already be using an OASYS product and not even realize it. JIEDDO has fielded thousands of Universal Thermal Monoculars (UTM) (and most recently SkeetIRs) through SPAWAR to troops in OEF and OIF to help look for IEDs. The UTM is also known as the StalkIR and can be mounted on weapons as well as used as a handheld device. It features dual band lasers and a modular chassis that can accommodate new technologies as they become available as well as allowing the device to be easily configured at the factory.
The most important factor in all of their designs is that they are custom products built to the client’s specifications. These uncooled LWIR sights can be turned on and put into action in less than four seconds and are controlled by a combination of hot buttons and an intuitive menu. Calibration is quickly accomplished when needed.
It is unclear if this particular model was being sold to Pakistan but the story concerning Dakota Meyer's experience with B.A.E. was covered in a story on Fox News.

Medal of Honor Marine Suing Contractor Is Not a 'Drinker,' Grandmother Say

Published November 30, 2011 |

The grandmother of Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, who has filed suit against a former employer over claims that he is mentally unstable and a problem drinker, came to the defense of her hero grandson on Wednesday, telling that, "I've never, ever known him to be a drinker."

Meyer, a 23-year-old Marine Corps sergeant who received the nation's highest honor from President Obama in a White House ceremony in September -- two years after his heroism was credited for saving 36 lives during a six-hour ambush in Afghanistan -- filed legal papers in Texas on Monday.
His lawsuit claims that defense contractor BAE Systems retaliated against him for objecting to the company's sale of high-tech sniper scopes to the Pakistani military. Meyer claims a manager at the British company said he was "mentally unstable" and had a "problem related to drinking in a social setting," according to the lawsuit.

Meyer wrote that it was "disturbing" how U.S. troops were being issued outdated equipment when better, advanced thermal optic scopes were being offered to Pakistan.
... BAE Systems spokesman Brian Roehrkasse, said the State Department -- not BAE -- makes the decision on which defense-related products can be exported, including those to Pakistan. 
It is bad enough to read that the one-time Muslim Barack Hussein Obama has changed the Rules of Engagement issued to our troops so that they must not carry a live round chambered in their weapons while on patrol or can they return fire coming from the enemy when they are being fired on from schools, hospitals or civilian dwellings. Now we know that Obama's Defense Department has authorized the sale of superior weapon systems to the Islamic government of Pakistan, the same government that allowed Osama bin Laden a safe haven.


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