Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why I believe in the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan

I know the exact time and date when I became a conservative Republican. It was after I saw a speech given by Ronald Reagan on October 27, 1964 endorsing Republican Senator Barry Goldwater for president. Four years earlier I was enthralled with the image of John F. Kennedy but as I look back I now think it was more because his ability to be president was being questioned by many in the media because he was a Catholic, like myself, and I took that as a personal insult. I totally lost respect for JFK following his dismal handling of the Bay of Pigs invasion attempt by Cuban freedom fighters trying to overthrow the Communist dictatorship of Fidel Castro. The freedom fighters were promised air cover for support but President Kennedy and his brother Robert reneged on the deal and allowed the invasion attempt to fail.

Four years later I was made aware of the Republican presidential candidate from Arizona, Senator Barry Goldwater, and was totally captivated by listening to Ronald Regan's endorsement speech, seen here.

In the 1964 election campaign the Democrats portrayed the Republicans as war mongers who would bring a nuclear Armageddon upon the world. The famous tv ad called the Daisy Girl that ended with an atomic bomb explosion didn’t even mention Barry Goldwater’s name but the stark imagery left an indelible impression. Democrat Lyndon Johnson went on to win the election with an overwhelming vote and proceeded to embroil America in a losing war in Vietnam that cost the lives of 58,159 American soldiers.

In 1980 Democrat president Jimmy Carter, who was probably the worst president up to that time in American history, was defeated by California Gov. Ronald Reagan. Under the Carter administration inflation had soared to over 14% and American prestige overseas plummeted to record lows. During the Carter years we saw one of our greatest allies in the Middle East, The Shah of Iran, forced into exile by the return of the Ayatollah Khomeini and the capture of 52 US citizens employed at the American Embassy in Tehran on November 4, 1979 and held hostage for 444 days. The hostages were released shortly after Ronald Reagan was inaugurated president in January 1981.The events in Iran foreshadowed the rise of militant Islamic terrorism throughout the region that has lasted until today.

After two terms of Republican Ronald Reagan's rule American prosperity once again soared to new heights. This was followed by a single term of office when Reagan's Vice President, George H. W. Bush was elected president in 1989. George H. W. Bush was not the conservative leader that Ronald Reagan was by any means. It is possible that his only purpose for being chosen to be vice-president was to appeal to the moderate wing of the Republican Party as well as independents and conservative Democrats. His resolve and leadership were both weak and indecisive. His commitment to supporting our Second Amendment rights were questionable after he resigned his Life Membership in the NRA because he objected to their calling agents for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the BATF, "Jack-booted storm troopers" after their attacks on lawful gun owners. Both Bush senior and his son George W. Bush are probably the highest elected RINO's in the Republican Party.
The only good thing that has happened to the Republican Party in recent years was the selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin by Senator John McCain, as his vice-presidential candidate. Gov. Palin has terrified the liberals in this country with the same down to earth, homespun conservative dialog as Ronald Regan did thirty years ago.  And thanks goes to Sarah Palin for energizing the Tea Party Movement that helped bring about the dramatic election results this year.
Skip forward to present day and once again we have Democrats running rampant over the Constitution and bankrupting our treasury. Following is a very convincing video, entitled I'm Taking Action, made on August 13, 2010 by radio commentator Michael Barry of / who rallies conservatives to remember what we must do once again.
And remember the final image from this video. This is a screen capture from YouTube that shows that as of today 1,569,638 people have watched this.
It's time to complete the mission to Take Back America, once and for all. The Democrats under the leadership of Muslim educated Barack Hussein Obama, who's own citizenship is even questionable, have shown beyond doubt their inability to run a nation in any way except into the ground. We are a Christian nation founded upon Judeo-Christian principles and once again we shall become a Republic that is ruled by Constitutional Law. God Bless America.



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