Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Obama's Democrats vote to control the Internet.

The FCC has voted 3-2 today along political lines to extend the government’s reach and regulate the internet via net neutrality. The 3-2 vote fell along partisan lines with Democrats capitalizing on their numerical advantage.
Now, Barack Hussein Obama, and his soon to be short-lived Democratic Party control of Congress, has joined the camp of a small number of dictators such as Communist China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hugo Chávez in Venezuela in grabbing censorship power of the Internet. Controlling the voices of the opposition are a common way for dictators to maintain their iron-handed control. This is one more rule that will have to be addressed when the Republican Party retakes control of the House of Representatives next month.
Fox News also reported that, "Republicans, who will control the House and an additional five seats in the Senate in the next Congress, may try to overrule the regulation. Under the Congressional Review Act, Congress can strike down a regulation by passing a joint resolution."
The Washington Examiner reported: "Sen. Jim DeMint, R-SC, says Federal Communications Commission should be renamed the "Fabricating a Crisis Commission," following a vote by the panel's three Democrats to approve proposed rules that amount to a hostile takeover of the Internet by a government agency acting illegally."

"The proposal - misleadingly described by proponents as an attempt to insure "net neutrality" by guaranteeing equal access to the Internet - was introduced a year ago by Julius Genachowski, President Obama's appointee as FCC chairman."
Let's hope they start repealing all of the socialist legislation that the Democrats have rammed through Congress since they gained absolute control of our government.
Seems like the encouraging message in this YouTube video needs to be backed up two more years. We can't wait for 2013, we need to start next year.


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