Monday, December 13, 2010

Muslim intolerance of Christians extends even to death.

To better understand the severity of a situation it often helps to extrapolate the circumstances to the point of absurdity to see them more clearly. This is the same as putting something under a magnifying glass. In America we are told to believe that Muslims want to be treated just like everyone else, that they choose to respect and follow our laws as long as we respect their culture. In spite of this warm, soft, feel good idea, we still find a few cities in America that already have large clusters of Muslims who want nothing to do with anyone else. In Europe, with a population of Muslims three times the percentage found in America, the situation is far worse. As you get closer to the Middle East with a greater predominance of Muslims, the intolerance shown toward other religions is deplorable. 

Now a story from Hürriyet, an English language newspaper in Turkey, has shown in perfect clarity how far such intolerance can go with the Muslim culture there. The intolerance of Muslims towards Christians extends even to the grave. The full impact is contained in the last sentence of the following story.

Credit to Jihad Watch for the headline and lead to this story.
Turkey: Canadian diplomat's grave moved because Muslims "weren't comfortable performing Muslim prayers right next to a Christian grave"
Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review
Friday, December 10, 2010
ISTANBUL – Hürriyet

The remains of retired Canadian diplomat Hans Himmelbach have been relocated to a remote corner in the Bodrum cemetery where he was buried, because a prominent local family was uncomfortable with his proximity to the graves of their loved ones.

The 61 year-old Hans Himmelbach settled in Torba with his wife in 2004. He died Oct. 20. Once permission was granted, his casket was delivered to the Torba cemetery accompanied by Muslim and Christian rituals at his wife’s request. The participants from both religions thought the ceremony contributed to the atmosphere of tolerance.

Saying that they particularly wanted to relocate Himmelbach’s grave, the businessman Sinan Dayıoğlu said although people from different beliefs are in the same cemetery, they should be in separate areas.

“They put Himmelback’s grave next to my mother Şükriye Saman and my cousin Burak Dayıoğlu. In the world, people having different beliefs are separated with walls or wires, even though they are in the same cemetery. This is for the respect of worship and belief,” said Dayıoğlu.

“We objected because we weren’t comfortable performing Muslim prayers right next to a Christian grave. We weren’t trying to hurt anybody,” said Dayıoğlu.
How bad does it get when Islam and Sharia Law rule the land? Check out this other news story from Pakistan, also from Jihad Watch. This story was also reported on the web site, in case you think it was made up by a bunch of Islamophobic wingnuts..
Pakistan: Muslim doctor arrested for blasphemy for throwing away business card of man named Muhammad
Want people to hold on to your business card? Change your name to Muhammad. Sharia Alert from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. "Pakistan doctor arrested on blasphemy suspicion," by Ashraf Khan for The Associated Press, December 12 (thanks to Mackie):

KARACHI, Pakistan -- Pakistani authorities have arrested a doctor on suspicion of violating the country's contentious blasphemy law by throwing away a business card of a man who shared the name of Islam's prophet, Muhammad, police said Sunday....

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