Saturday, January 16, 2010

Will the Libertarian candidate in Massachusetts become the spoiler?

There is an old expression that says: "To cut off your nose to spite your face." and it means to do something stupid and drastic against your own best interests. I pray to God that will not happen on Tuesday, January 19th, in the special election in Massachusetts when the voters will elect a new U.S. Senator to fill the open seat after the ultra-liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy died of brain cancer. As of last last week the political world was shocked to learn that an unknown Republican Scott Brown had surged ahead in the polls and took a 4% lead over Democrat Martha Coakley. Trailing way behind with only 3% was a Libertarian candidate named Joe Kennedy who is no relation to any of the Kennedy family in Hyannis Port. Since the polls show the Republican to be only 4% ahead of the Democrat there exists an outside chance that voters who go to the polls will either become confused over the Kennedy name on the ballot or cast a vote for him out of respect for their favorite son. This is the possibility that has always existed with third-party candidates because sometimes, in spite of their good intentions, in a tight race they help the bad guys get elected by taking votes away from the better candidate.

The presence of third-party candidates in a tight race also presents an opportunity for the less appealing candidate to exploit the situation for their own gain. Simply throw some campaign funds at that candidate to help get his message out and acquire a few more votes. Any anti-Democrat vote cast in favor of Joe Kennedy will take away votes for Scott Brown and the only one who will benefit will be Martha Coakley.

In 1992 we saw how Ross Perot, who ran for president because he disliked George Bush, managed to get 19% of the vote and help elect Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton. That travesty led to an upsurge of radical Muslim terrorist attacks around the world financed by Osama Bin Laden. And wasn't it during the Clinton era that Sudan offered Bin Laden to Clinton and he refused to take him. How many Americans at home and in the military have died as a result of that? Sometimes, even the smallest things have a great impact on the course of history.

I pray to God that the voters in Massachusetts do not fall for this and continue to support Scott Brown and no one else. This election is crucial to stopping Barack Hussein Obama's Marxist/Socialist health care reform and the Democrats, who invented methods to steal elections, are desperate to win this one. One of the most encouraging pieces of news has been that since word of the tight race hit the news wires Scott Brown's campaign raised over one-million dollars every day last week. I can speak of this personally because his campaign contribution web site was so busy it kept timing out before I was able to get through. Here is the link to the Scott Brown web site:

And here is a video ad from the TEA Party Express endorsement.

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  1. Coakley vs. Brown: Updates

    What?? Me worry??

    Complacent Martha or is it Marcia: Somehow, it doesn’t seem that Massachusetts A.G. is awfully worried about her Tuesday match-up with State Sen. Scott Brown for “the Kennedy seat” in the United States Senate.

    For one thing, she’s staged a lackluster, non-campaign as if she knew from the start she would end up a loser even though, at the start, she seemed a shoo-in to head to D.C. to be that crucial 60th vote for Obamacare. (That assumes Harry Reid doesn’t pull an end run and goes to the reconciliation ploy needing only 51 Democrats to foist that obamanation on the American people.)

    For another thing, Martha Coakley really seems as if she doesn’t want the job.

    As Brian McGrory writes for in an article titled, “Race Is in a Spinout,” despite her claims to have traveled the state meeting tremendous people, “If she did, it was under the cover of darkness, with an assumed name . . . Literally, she all but vanished. She refused to debate on TV unless it was exactly on her terms. She went days without venturing out in public:”

    Not exactly the best way to win a seat in the Senate.

    A Kennedy Weighs In: A scion of the Kennedy clan doesn’t seem too worried either, not even concerned enough to get her name straight.

    Speaking to reporters after President Obama tried to rally the troops and dragging out the worn-out Bush card to blame GWB for every problem in the universe, Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D. R.I) repeatedly referred to “Marcia Coakley,” . . .

    (


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