Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brown wins in Massachusetts. Thoughts of November panic Democrats.

The effort to Take Back America got off to a great start on Tuesday. Yes it is true, Massachusetts, the most liberal "Blue State" state of the Union, the home turf of the late Ted Kennedy - hero of Chappaquidick and every soldier's hero of Vietnam, Sen. John Kerry, has elected a REPUBLICAN to the United States Senate. Scott Brown sailed to victory with a 5% lead over state Attorney General Martha Coakley with a clear majority throughout the state except the cities of Boston and Springfield. The liberal news media is beyond belief over this outrageous act of contempt by the voters. One media commentator even referred to Scott Brown as a Republican Insurgent, a term that used to be applied to radical Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The pro-Democrat News Media has been looking to explain this astounding event in Massachusetts in ways that would not embarrass the mainstream Democrats. They have decided it was all Martha Coakley's fault that she lost the election. It is OK for Democrats to ask everyone to share the blame but they always excuse themselves. Yeah, Martha screwed up quite a bit, mostly because she acted like a stuck up liberal snob like when she said, as quoted by her staunch supporter the Boston Globe: 

"As opposed to standing outside Fenway Park? In the cold? Shaking hands?’’ she fires back, in an apparent reference to a Brown online video of him doing just that. Coakley bristles at the suggestion that, with so little time left, in an election with such high stakes, she is being too passive."

What caught the east coast liberal establishment by surprise was the plain-talking state representative, with no state-wide name recognition, who drove across Massachusetts in his pickup truck meeting ordinary folks, listening to their problems and shaking their hands and promising to stand up for them. That isn't the way the rich and powerful behave. Indeed, it was the sheer arrogance of wealth and power that brought down the Democrat movement in Massachusetts and they all know this even if they refuse to admit it publicly. Inspired by an omnipotent, narcissistic ruler with an enormous ego who most likely believes some of the media hype about his messianic image as The Spoken Word Of Truth, the Democrats became intoxicated with their power over the government and the people with their majority control of Congress.

They felt they could do whatever they wanted and in a mad rush to reshape America the Democrats showed us what they really were: A totally corrupt political party with no morals or principles. And the mostly Christian, mostly conservative, mostly patriotic citizens revolted. Did the Democrats take notice of the two million protesters who came from all over America to Washington on September 12, 2009 or did they believe their liberal white washing mainstream media who minimized the event? Apparently, a few Democrats read the writing on the wall and decided the time had come to end their careers. Two U.S. Senators and a half dozen Congressman, all Democrats, said they were not going to waste their time getting re-elected in November. Following Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts a lot more will be making a new assessment on their future.

As Ann Coulter pointed out in her latest column:
Sen. Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, won his last election in 2006 by 28 points -- the largest margin for a Democratic Senate candidate in that state in a quarter-century. Since voting for the Senate health care bill last Christmas, the once-bulletproof Sen. Nelson not only gets booed out of Omaha pizzerias, but he has also seen his job approval rating fall to 42 percent and his disapproval rating soar to 48 percent. (Meanwhile, the junior senator from Nebraska, Mike Johanns, who voted against the bill, has a job approval rating of 63 percent.)
What we are seeing is a total repudiation of of Barack Hussein Obama's Marxist-Socialist, anti-American power grab and the rest of the left-wing Democrat's policies as well. The tidal wave is getting larger and has already swept across three states and by the time the November mid-term elections come around the effect will be astounding.
This screen shot of the Boston Herald's web page tells everything.

A little update to the old sailors rhyme: Red skies at night, a sailor's delight. Red skies in the morning, Democrats warning. On Tuesday, in Massachusetts, the sky was red all day long and those "Blue State" Democrats were all feeling mighty "blue".

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