Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama: What do we need NASA for when you have me?

It used to be that America was looked upon with respect because we were a great and powerful nation. The world admired us once for being the only country to land men on the Moon and NASA's progress with the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs used to be the highlight of every newscast. After President John F. Kennedy's promise to put men on the Moon before the end of the 1960's we poured our heart and soul into building bigger and more powerful rockets, not for use in warfare but in peaceful exploration. And our technology in space exploration became the inspiration for the modern electronic age. The trickle down effect from these technological innovations helped advance the fields of medicine, communication and even our entertainment industry. After all, we had the Right Stuff.

Now we have a community organizer with a following of left-wing zealots as our Great Leader who is leading this great country in a mad dash toward bankruptcy. Like the uneducated native of some third-world country who uses the crop seeds sent to him in a Care Package for food instead of planting them for a harvest, Obama has decided to end our plans to return to the Moon because he needs to use the money for something else. Even though NASA has already spent billions developing a new generation of rockets powerful enough to transport material to the Luna surface to build a base for scientific use, with the stroke of a pen Obama has canceled our plans.
After being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing but making promises, Obama must be convinced he is omnipotent. How else would such a narcissist think of himself? What do we need NASA for when we have Obama.

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