Monday, January 18, 2010

Obama draws hecklers in Boston. Brown gets an overflow crowd in Worcester.

Obama went to Boston yesterday to campaign for Martha Coakley and he got heckled. And the heckling went on for a quite some time.

The blog Instapundit reports: "And I guess they were right to worry about hecklers. “The big news here isn’t so much that a heckler appeared at a Coakley rally — with passions this high, it would have been news if one hadn’t — but that a series of hecklers threw Obama so far off his stride. It didn’t matter to the people who attended this rally, of course, but it’s a bit strange to see an experienced politician allow a couple of loud voices to interrupt for as long as this goes … and then to ask ‘Where were we?’”

FOX News reported that he couldn't even fill the hall. “It holds 3,000 and frankly only 2,000 to 2,500 showed up.” And listen to the description of the Scott brown supporters lining the highway. Didn't I predict that his effort would backfire? The Obamanation will soon turn into the Democrats worst nightmare.

"A REPORT FROM THE SCOTT BROWN RALLY AT WORCESTER: “It’s an absolute mob scene. The police have closed off the streets. It’s mind blowing. The hall is already full, and it holds 3,000 people. There may be another 1,000 people outside.” Meanwhile, reader Sean Fitzpatrick writes to the blog Instapundit: “Pictures don’t do justice. Nothing like this in Mass since JFK. Worcester rally starts in thirty minutes and the streets are already packed.” Here’s a pic."
"UPDATE: Fitzpatrick send the Instapundit blog another picture from inside the hall, and comments: “If the Brown campaign were worried that they wouldn’t fill the hall then they needn’t have. It is standing room only and the hall management is concerned about OVERcrowding.”"
"I like the “Whole World Is Watching” sign at the lower left. Yep. And sometimes via cellphone pics."

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  1. Scott Brown and Conservatism

    Ok, it’s great news. Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown trounced Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and will be heading to D.C. asap, hopefully driving his truck. (

    The “Kennedy seat” can be termed the “Brown seat” for the next 3 years or so by Republican United States Senator Brown since he will be sitting in it. The Democrat/Kennedy death grip on that seat has been broken and Democrats in the super-blue Bay State couldn’t be much bluer if they held their breaths until the cows came home.

    In an effort to shield Obama and his policies from valid criticism, the Dems are spinning crazily and blaming poor Martha Coakley for everything from meanness to ineptitude to being a closet Republican just because she blew a sure thing.

    To their credit, the party big wigs have been unexpectedly gracious toward Brown and his victory with David Axelrod grudgingly conceding his “clever” campaign and Harry Reid pledging to seat the new senator posthaste and forego any cynical parliamentary delays.

    All fine and good. Even better, Pelosi may be in trouble, Barbara Boxer’s seat is threatened, Reid’s 60 filibuster-proof senate votes just became 59 very filibusterable votes, and Obamacare should be cooked for the nonce unless Dems start playing numbers games with reconciliation.

    So, God’s in His heaven, all’s right with the world–for now.

    Speaker Nancy is no doubt lining up Blue Dogs to be shot at dawn if they don’t tow the Pelosi line and . . .

    (


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