Wednesday, October 8, 2014

From The Noisy Room: video expose " Top Grimes donor: “She’s going to f**k ‘em as soon as she gets elected” "

Just in case you didn't get to read my lengthy commentary on my own blog Conscience of a Conservative, about Alison Lundergan Grimes, who boasts that she "has been working for the Democratic Party since the day I was born". Here is a rather blunt but candid message from one of her biggest supporters.

That same Democratic Party that Grimes glows about with so much pride just happens to be the party of treason, the party that created the KKK, the party that tried to remove the name of God from its national platform, the party of abortion that has murdered millions of unborn babies, the party that enslaved Black Americans in Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty with all the "free stuff", the party that created and voted for ObamaCare all by itself, the party that wants to disarm America.

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