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From Daily Sanity: Breaking: Fast & Furious Cover-Up Forces Wave of Resignations!

The crime perpetuated by the Obama administration in Operation Fast & Furious has now reached epic proportions!

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Breaking: Fast & Furious Cover-Up Forces Wave of Resignations!

Fellow American,
The crime perpetuated by the Obama administration in Operation Fast & Furious has now reached epic proportions!
Earlier last month, we saw Attorney General Eric Holder announce his resignation just days after a Federal judge ordered the DOJ to release “classified” Fast & Furious documents. As we’ve reported, the Department of Justice has completely disregarded this order and refused to hand over anything.
Every time that news breaks surrounding Fast & Furious – the failed gun-walking program that ended up arming Mexican drug cartels – I think that the news couldn’t possibly get any worse. And then, I am always proven wrong.
Well, we just learned new damning evidence about the Obama administration’s program: an AK-47 type rifle that was officially involved in a gang assault on a Phoenix, AZ apartment complex has been connected to Fast & Furious!
This is a rifle that the Feds allowed to cross the border into Mexico. We know that because the serial number on the firearm found at the crime scene matches one of the rifles lost during Operation Fast & Furious. Obviously, these guns have made their way back into America and into the hands of gangs and criminals!
However, if the Obama administration had gotten its way, we wouldn’t even know this. It took a lawsuit and a judge’s order to force government officials to release this information!
The Obama administration still refuses to comply with a lawful court order and now that this news has broke, another DOJ official has announced his resignation!
The AK-47 that was recovered at the Phoenix crime scene has a serial number of 1977DX1654, which is identical to one of the rifles purchase by convicted gun smuggler Sean Christopher Stewart in Operation Fast and Furious.
To those who might forget, this is when Federal officials deliberately allowed people to illegally purchase firearms without keeping tabs on them.
Eric Holder’s Justice Department knowingly allowed Sean Stewart to buy thousands of dollars worth of rifles to smuggle south into Mexico. The AK-47 connected to the Phoenix shooting was just one of FORTY that the administration allowed Stewart to buy at once.
The gun was recovered in July of 2013 and it has taken this long to sue the government to force it to hand over the documentation.
There’s only one reason the Obama administration would fight so hard to keep this information secret: obviously this is not the only Fast & Furious gun that’s been used in a DOMESTIC crime.
In this one incident, two AMERICAN citizens were wounded in the shooting. The question is, how many other Americans have been shot or killed by weapons thanks to the Obama administration’s incompetence?
How many more Americans will fall victim all because the Obama White House is more interest in covering it’s own behind than protecting Americans?
And when will Congress throw down the gauntlet and start holding the criminals in this administration responsible for this???
Late yesterday evening, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) penned a letter demanding that Eric Holder and the DOJ answer for this.
“Penned a letter?” I am sick and tired of this nonsense! The time for letter writing is over… I want to start seeing these corrupt bureaucrats pulled out of their offices in handcuffs!
These pretenders in Congress should be ashamed of themselves and you should be FURIOUS!
Congress does the bare minimum necessary to create the illusion that they’re doing their jobs.
It’s been more than two years since Barack Obama unconstitutionally used his “executive privilege” to stop Congress from accessing the DOJ’s Fast & Furious documents.
Since then, we’ve learned that these government-provided weapons were used to kill and maim at least 150 people in Mexico and were implicated in the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Now we know for a FACT that gang members wielding these Fast & Furious guns have shot numerous U.S. citizens!
The time for polite letters is over. It’s time for Congress to exercise its constitutional authority and begin holding these corrupt bureaucrats accountable for their crimes!
We learned about this new crime gun yesterday and what a surprise, another DOJ Bureaucrat has announced his resignation. Deputy Attorney General James Cole, Eric Holder’s #2 who played a large role in the cover-up of Operation Fast and Furious, also announced that he was resigning… same day that this cover-up was revealed.
This isn’t a coincidence. First, Eric Holder announced his resignation instead of handing over Fast & Furious documents and now his #2 announced his resignation the same day that one of these guns was linked to a domestic crime!
They think they can get away with it by resigning… They think that leaving office will be enough to protect them! But you and I both know it won’t be…
You need to get loud and DEMAND that Congress put on its big-boy pants and start slapping handcuffs on these criminals immediately!
Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

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