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Beware of the walking time bombs from Africa.

Barack Hussein Obama, the former community organizer from Chicago who was mentored for ten years by a card-carrying member of the Communist Party, USA, was raised on corrupt machine politics. His former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, now mayor of Obama's former hometown, had a favorite rule of thumb, Never let a crisis go to waste. The person known today as Barack Hussein Obama who was once known as Barry Soetoro while attending university has taken all that he has learned and used it to maintain his quest for power. Obama entered politics as a state legislator in Illinois with the help of the Marxist New Party. He won his first election after successfully challenging the petition signatures of four rival Democrats leaving himself unopposed on the ballot. He quickly jumped into national politics running for U.S. Senator when he managed to acquire the salacious divorce records of popular Illinois Republican Jack Ryan which forced him to drop out of the race within months of election day. As soon as he was elected Senator Obama began his campaign for president. Since occupying the White House Obama, who has never admitted he was still a Muslim, has publicly sympathized with Muslims and aligned himself with Islamic supremacists. He has made excuses for underestimating the surge of Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Syria and denied Muslim acts of terrorism at home. That same group of Muslim terrorists advancing on Baghdad today, riding on a wave of unspeakably barbaric terror, have issued numerous threats against America. Meanwhile on the West Coast of Africa in Liberia and Nigeria there is a plaque of Ebola spreading like wildfire, killing thousands. So what does Obama do to prevent this disease from spreading to America? Obama has banned all flights to Israel and continued to allow flights back and forth to the African nations desperately fighting a losing battle against this incurable virus. Hedging his bets that another crisis should not be allowed to go to waste that he could use to stay in power.

Muslim terrorists have a unique outlook on life. In fact, Muslim leaders boast that they love death as much as Westerners love life. Their Islamic faith teaches them to love death and is replete with fantasies of Islamic martyrs who committed suicide in the name of Allah and going to the afterlife with 72 Virgins. And yet no one connects the pieces together to envision a plausible scenario that could threaten millions of Americans. Would-be Muslim suicide volunteers purposely infecting themselves with Ebola Virus and then traveling to the United States to spread the disease. With the aid of Barack Hussein Obama who is desperately trying to avoid an imminent impeachment once the Republicans retake the Senate and remain in power, Obama does nothing to prevent infected travelers from Africa from entering America. One confirmed case is already developing into a fiasco in Texas where the infected carrier was allowed to leave the hospital after complaining of symptoms and admitting he just returned from Africa. Now over 100 people who came in contact with him are being monitored. But what about some people who would bring the Ebola Virus here with the intent to spread a biological disaster? The first person to bring the disease to our shores did so unintentionally and tried to get help at a hospital. Would-be terrorists would not do that. There could be hundreds of them traveling right now to all of our major cities just waiting for the Ebola Virus to incubate so they can begin to spread it around. And our Dear Leader Barry is also waiting for this next crisis to declare Marshall Law and use this attack to keep people from going out to vote in less than six weeks.
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Updated October 3, 2014
From Bare Naked Islam

The perfect ISIS WMD? Muslim in a burqa infected with Ebola

Allegedly, ISIS will try to send Muslims infected with Ebola into America to infect and kill Americans. ISIS threatened the United States, and its allies to spread the Ebola virus, within those states, if they continue to wage war on the Islamic State’s growing caliphate inside Syria and Iraq.


Shoebat (h/t Mike F)  ISIS explained that among the viruses that its members can “synthesize and produce” are “Ebola and Corona”. ISIS also said, 

followers and soldiers of the Islamic State are mostly suicide bombers and all of them are ready not only to carry Ebola, but to drink Ebola if they were asked to carry and spread it in the United States. This is not difficult but we need a decision from the leaders jihadist.


Ebola could easily be transmitted through bodily fluids, including sweat, tears, saliva, blood, urine, semen, etc., including objects that have come in contact with bodily fluids (such as bed sheets, clothing, and needles) and corpses.


It is said that “this disease will go airborne, and there are many other mechanisms through which mutation might make it much more transmissible.”

The statement from ISIS said that:

the process of spreading disease is not difficult, it is easily transported in a bottle in your bag and take them from Africa to America and open in a air-conditioning duct or put it in the public drinking water by elevator doors

The statement from ISIS also said:

the process of cultivating bacteria can be done by any student in the Faculty of Science or Department of Biology. They do not need complex laboratories and even a makeshift laboratory can be made in a small apartment in which we can farm millions of germs and viruses.
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Update 2, October 3, 2014 from The Daily Caller

PRESIDENT EBOLA: In 2010 Obama Administration Scrapped CDC Quarantine Regulations Aimed At Ebola

In October 2014, the first patient on American soil infected with the Ebola virus sits in isolation in a Texas hospital, prompting calls for travel restrictions between the United States and Ebola-stricken countries.

Meanwhile, four years ago, the administration of President Barack Obama moved with virtually no fanfare to abandon a comprehensive set of regulations which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had called essential to preventing international travelers from spreading deadly diseases inside the United States.

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Update 3, October 5, 2014 from Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs
Islamic State Plots to Attack US with Ebola: Jihadists ‘to Send Infected Militants’ to America to Spread Disease - See more at:

Islamic State Plots to Attack US with Ebola: Jihadists ‘to Send Infected Militants’ to America to Spread Disease

We all had complete confidence in our healthcare system …. until Obama.
We all had complete confidence in Bush-era quarantine policy until in 2010 when the Obama administration withdrew updated quarantine regulations drafted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and proposed by the Bush administration. The new rules would have required air passengers to submit more information to airlines and strengthened the government’s authority to detain travelers suspected of carrying disease.
The Obama administration refuses to impose any flight restrictions on ebola stricken countries.  British Airways joined Gulf carrier Emirates in scrapping West African routes in response to the deadly Ebola outbreak as most rival operators keep...
Islamic State Plots to Attack US with Ebola: Jihadists ‘to Send Infected Militants’ to America to Spread Disease - See more at:


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