Saturday, March 8, 2014

This is your enemy.

Found the first cartoon on the Conservative web site. This is your enemy.


And also, this.

And lets not forget them, too.

And, on the same subject, just a comment on Barry's misspelling of Aretha Franklin's famous song, RESPECT. Here we have a common word that might even appear on a 5th-Grader's spelling test, but our Dear Leader, noted for his infamous crotch-salute, spelled it R-S-P-E-C-T. This is the same man who cannot read a speech without a teleprompter, who came to us seemingly from out of the shadows with mysteriously hidden college records, who graduated from Columbia University when none of his class mates ever saw him there, who edited the Harvard Law Journal yet never published a single article, who got a job as an assistant professor because someone told the University of Chicago to hire him when they didn't want to. Supposedly gave lectures on Constitutional Law based on the views of Saul Alinksy. Received a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. Now claims he has the right to create laws by Executive Order by-passing Congress and has single-handidly changed the Affordable Care Act some 30 times without the approval of the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government.


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