Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chicks Up Front.

No magician ever tried to perform a magic act with an ugly female assistant. The art of magic is distraction and it applies to politics as well. Politicians know this is among the most important rules they must learn. The first time I heard the expression, "Chicks up front" was back in the 1970s during the anti-war demonstrations that were sprouting up on so many college campuses. It was chanted by the young leftists who were waving the pro-Viet Cong flags. "Chicks up front" meant putting the pretty girls in the front line of the demonstration to guarantee that the event was covered on television and in the newspapers. After all, sex sells, and that's the best way to get the sympathetic media to show the film and print the photos. Nothing seems to have changed today.

A video is being shown around on conservative web sites of a pretty girl wearing a pro-Obama t-shirt making a speech denouncing her one time hero as a fraud and liar to everything she stood for. She then pulls off her shirt, revealing to everyone's disappointment, that she is still wearing clothes, and proceeds to set the t-shirt on fire, burning it in protest.
And the conservatives loved it. The men did, anyway but for all the wrong reasons. Most of the comments were divided between how hot she looked and how she should eat her own words of support for Obama.
One conservative writer named Daniel Greenfield, found out just who this pretty girl was and wrote about her on Front Page Mag. Turns out her reasons for burning her shirt aren't what you may may think. Her complaint about Obama is that he isn't far enough to the Left as she wants.

About That “Girl Burning an Obama” Shirt Viral Video…

"The video is going viral on conservative sites so I thought that it might be a good idea to provide some context.

Carey Elizabeth Wedler is Adam Kokesh’s girlfriend. Kokesh is a radical anti-war activist who worked with Code Pink and MoveOn.org. He briefly had a TV show on Putin’s RT propaganda network.

Wedler has been pulling the “I’m no longer an Obama fan” routine for a while now over the usuals for the Ron Paul crowd, mainly drone strikes on Al Qaeda terrorists.

Like Kokesh and the rest of that crowd, Wedler is a sick twisted individual filled with hate for her own country. You can see a sample of that in her post after the Boston Marathon bombings: “The Victims of American Terrorism”."
Carey Wedler isn’t attacking Obama from the right, she’s attacking him from the left. She feels that he hasn’t done enough to surrender to terrorists.
Read the rest here along with the embedded links: http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/dgreenfield/about-that-girl-burning-an-obama-shirt-viral-video/
So the next time a liberal tries to distract you from what they are really doing, remember the rule that all magicians follow: distraction. It always works. Put the chicks up front.
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