Sunday, March 9, 2014

Charlton Heston was right and Mike Huckabee just confirmed it.

The late Charlton Heston, former president of the National Rifle Association, was right when he said "The Second Amendment is the one amendment that protects all the others" and according to a story on the Daily Caller, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Thursday at the CPAC convention "that the right to bear arms was the “only last resort” for Americans to protect their freedoms." Liberals, leftists, wannabe dictators and Democrats in general, are all on a rampage to deny the Right To Bear Arms to American Citizens.

Huckabee: Second Amendment ‘the only last resort’ to protect freedom

11:44 AM 03/07/2014

Alexis Levinson
Political Reporter

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Thursday that the right to bear arms was the “only last resort” for Americans to protect their freedoms.

Speaking of religious liberty at CPAC, the former and potentially future presidential hopeful admonished the government for trying to regulate people’s religious beliefs.

“When the government begins to say it’s OK for you to have faith, but you can only have this much of it. … It’s time for the government to scale back, not for people of faith to scale back,” he said.

And when all else fails, Huckabee said, there is one final way to protect those freedoms: by force.

“I know that the Second Amendment is the only last resort we have in this country to protect all the other freedoms that we enjoy,” he said.
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And it seems so strange to realize that the original 13 colonies that gave birth to our great nation and produced the two finest documents ever written, the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, have become today to be the most anti-gun states in the Union.

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