Thursday, January 9, 2014

Muslims in Minneapolis at center of exploding mosque. Brought there by Muslim Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison.

From the Australian web site Winds of Jihad:
Minneapolis Mujahedeen?
Gates of Vienna reports on a mysterious explosion:
At 8:16 a.m. CT [New Year’s] morning, a large explosion shook a three-story building in Minneapolis. The structure was quickly engulfed by fire, and some of the apartment-dwellers on the upper floors were forced to jump from their windows into subzero temperatures to escape the blaze. The top floors of the building eventually collapsed into the first floor. Fourteen people were hospitalized, and six of them are listed in critical condition. 
The explosion occurred at 514 Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis, in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood at the western edge of the campus of the University of Minnesota, just across the river from the main campus and adjacent to the Bohemian flats area. A news article refers to the locale as an “ethnic community of predominantly Somali immigrants”. I’m told that the neighborhood is also known to law enforcement and intelligence officials as a place where Islamic terrorists congregate. 
In one news story the building was described as a “community center” containing a grocery, a mosque, and apartments. 
Other news stories put the mosque next door. Via the Washington Post:
A mosque that is next door to the gutted building appeared to escape any obvious structural damage. Abdisalam Adam, the imam at Islamic Civic Society of America & Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah, watched the firefighting efforts and said he was praying for those affected by the fire.
“It’s devastating and very sad,” he said.
The local Somali community is just as busted up about it — because at last word, some neighborhood lads are still reported missing.
Gates of Vienna notes that the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque has more radical connections than an Obama outreach initiative, including fronts for the malevolent Muslim Brotherhood.
The explosion does not appear to be a gas leak. The most likely explanation:
Were the three missing occupants would-be mujahedeen who experienced a premature… ahem… detonation?
What are all these Somali Muslims doing in Minneapolis? I thought it was a peaceful place, ethnically mainly Scandinavian.
The answer is that our government has been putting them there:
If you are paranoid, you might expect our first Muslim congressman Keith Ellison to use his power to import more Muslims from abroad, so as to alter our demographics and promote the Islamist agenda. If you are not paranoid, you are not abreast of current events. Ellison recently introduced the “Strengthening Refugee Resettlement Act” …
The purpose of the act is to shovel taxpayer at the task of importing “refugees” from places they have reduced to hellholes — like Somalia. There are already over 50,000 Somalis in Minnesota, many of them considered refugees.
Guess which congressman represents Minneapolis? That’s right: Nation of Islam alumnus Keith Ellison. Here’s an even smaller surprise:
An al Qaeda affiliate, al-Shabaab, has created a pipeline into Minneapolis, Minnesota to recruit young Somalian Muslims to leave the United States and achieve martyrdom by fighting in their cause. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Congress in January that al-Shabaab was one of the most significant terror threats to the United States, because the group included a “foreign fighter cadre that includes U.S. passport holders… [who] may have aspirations to attack inside the United States.”
Your tax dollars at work.
We are unlikely to be told exactly what caused the explosion next to Dar Al-Hijrah. Let’s just be glad it happened there and not on a bus or at a shopping mall — this time.


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