Monday, January 20, 2014

Liar, liar, panties on fire.

Liberal Democrats (excuse my redundant verbiage) love to pander over hot chicks. The photos taken of Barack Hussein Obama flirting with Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the hot chick Prime Minister of Denmark, at the memorial service for Nelson offer some visual proof. With so many female Democrats seemingly belonging to the "cult of uglitude" as Phyllis Schlafly once described it, whenever a reasonably attractive female Democrat makes the scene Democrats everywhere turn them into super-heroes dressed up in shining armor. But what happens when the shining armor suddenly gets tarnished?

Texas Democrat State Senator Wendy Davis is just such a person who has discovered she isn't wearing stainless steel. The Dallas Morning News just published a friendly and sympathetic interview with Davis that revealed in an off-handed way the liberal darling gave false testimony under oath in a Federal Court. Considering that Wendy Davis is a Harvard-educated lawyer one could say that she should have known better. But like Barack Hussein Obama, telling false tales about your personal life doesn't amount to anything when you have the entire news media covering for you. Big Government has an excellent article by Ken Klukowski, Did TX Gov. Candidate Wendy Davis Commit Perjury in Federal Court?  on this that delves into the material aspect of the perjury and the non-existent probability of the Justice Department ever bringing the matter before a Grand Jury. If any part of this story is ever covered by the rest of the mainstream news media it will probably be so whitewashed to be unrecognizable. That alone is proof of the double-standard the media applies to embarrassing errors of judgement committed by Democrats and those horrendous, earth shattering crimes committed by Republicans. The fact that so many Texas Democrats have rallied behind their darling and want to get her elected as the next governor of Texas makes it all the more important that her reputation be shielded from criticism.

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