Friday, January 17, 2014

Are these two stories related? CGI Federal and the rumors of the Obama's divorce.

They say Islam is all about deceit. So is politics.

The entertainment tabloids started writing stories last week about Michelle and Barack Obama getting a divorce. Then photos came back from the memorial service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa of a stern looking Michelle objecting to the attention her spouse was giving to the hot chick diplomat Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who happens to be the Danish Prime Minister, fueled the rumors and made all the front pages of the newspapers and added substance to the tabloid stories. Of course the flirting could have been pretended in an attempt by Barry to reverse those other dirty rumors of his homosexual leanings, but who knows. Soon after, the divorce rumors made it over on to the news web sites and the stories were carried by FOX and Drudge. This lent an air of credibility since no one really takes the supermarket tabloids we see on the checkout lanes very seriously. But then today another story popped up on Politico that may be connected. It was earlier reported that the disastrous ObamaCare web site that cost the American taxpayers 800-million dollars and caused great embarrassment to Barack Hussein Obama was created by a company called CGI Federal. And CGI Federal got the contract without any bids because Michelle Obama attended Princeton with an executive of the company. Well, now, CGI has suddenly lost favor in Washington.

Item posted today on Politico's email updates:
By Paige Winfield Cunningham
With help from Jennifer Haberkorn, Susan Levine and Brett Norman
OH CGI - By early December, the Obama administration had lost confidence in the contractor that built, says a 10-page document quietly posted by federal officials this week. "The document indicates that CMS officials lost faith that CGI could complete critical behind-the-scenes construction of the Obamacare website by mid-March, a critical deadline to ensure the stability of the health law and the insurance market," Pro's Kyle Cheney reports. Officials recently replaced CGI with Accenture as lead contractor on the website. The document: The Pro story:

So is the real back story here that Barack Hussein Obama is really pissed off with Michelle over the CGI fiasco and blames her for the mega-flop that sent his approval ratings into the cellar and Michelle is tired of living with a closet homosexual for twenty years and wants out of the phony marriage? Are space-aliens really running our government? Maybe we should browse thru those tabloids the next time we are buying groceries.

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