Friday, December 6, 2013

Want to feel more safe? Create your own Gun Free Zone.

From The Firearms Coalition a real oldie but goodie, as they say. Hey, it even predates the birth of this blog. And Holy Cow, it was first published before Barack Hussein Obama took over the White House. So look what the Democrats have done since then.

Hilarious Video: Personal Gun Free Zone

The folks at the Fox Half Hour News Hour have done a wonderful spoof that points out the stupidity of "Gun Free Zones."
The video is fast becoming an internet phenomenon as it is e-mailed around the world.
View it here and be sure to send your friends here to watch it too.
If I may add my two cents, by way of updating the current circumstances behind Gun Control, you can create a Gun Free Zone in your home by simply voting for every Democrat. For as soon as they get themselves a majority anywhere they will make sure you never have a gun in your home again.

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