Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Obama's Next Gun Grabbing Attempt.

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Dear Nelson,

Before we get into Obama's latest attempt to ram the UN Arms Trade Treaty through the Senate, I'd like to invite you to take a trip back to 1939 with me.  It was a time of innocence, when many believed it was not possible for another World War to begin.
On August 31, 1939, Adolph Hitler sent a group of commandos to attack a German radio station in Gleiwitz, near the border with Poland.  (The radio tower, pictured here, still stands to this day.)
Image of Gleiwitz Radio Tower
The German soldiers were dressed in Polish uniforms. After they seized the station, they broadcast an anti-German message in Polish (the announcer had a German accent).
Then, they executed a group of Polish prisoners who they had dressed up in Polish army uniforms.  This attack is known as the Gleiwitz Incident.

Hitler used this false flag attack to justify his invasion of Poland, which started World War 2.

Although the specifics are different, Obama is using the same sorts of false flag attacks, misdirection, lies and subterfuge to undermine your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Operation Fast & Furious was a false flag operation designed to kill Americans and Mexicans, so that the federal government could infringe the Second Amendment (the bodies from this operation are still piling up to this day).

Obama will soon try to push the UN Arms Trade Treaty through the Senate as part of his false flag operation against the Bill of Rights, so we must once again work to stop him!

Secretary of State John Kerry signed this treaty back in September, and according to one supporter of the treaty, Obama may soon send it to the Senate.

Contrary to current law and popular belief, which we explain below, Obama will try to make this treaty supersede the Second Amendment.

The politicians cannot be trusted to defend our rights, so we must convince them to defeat this treaty!

Please send FaxGrams to as many US Senators as you can today and demand that they filibuster and defeat the UN Arms Trade Treaty!
The mainstream media presstitutes have declared that this treaty will never pass the Senate.  It needs 67 votes to do so.
They said the same thing last week about the Obama-Ryan budget plan which cut retirement benefits to military veterans.  Unfortunately, yesterday 12 Republicans who said they would vote "No" on the plan crossed the aisle, giving Obama a 67-33 victory (the same margin
Charles Benninghoff, Founder
needed to pass this UN treaty).

Again, you trust the politicians to preserve your rights at your own peril! You must send FaxGrams to the Senate and order them to filibuster this treaty!

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) sent a letter to one of our followers recently, which was provided to us. Murphy says he will vote for the treaty.

He makes this claim in the letter:  "The Constitution always supersedes international treaties, so the Second Amendment cannot be overturned by this or any other treaty."

That statement is true on its face, but this provision of the Constitution is under attack by Obama.

Obama currently has Justice Department attorneys fighting a Supreme Court case (Bond v. United States) in which they are arguing that international treaties DO in fact supersede the Constitution!

Republican Senators might be swayed to vote for the treaty based on this argument - and then the Supreme Court could turn around and rule that treaties make US laws null and void!

You MUST send FaxGrams to the Senate right away and tell them to cut off Obama's false flag operation at the knees. Your Second Amendment rights are at risk because of this treaty!

Obama hates the fact that you have a biblical and constitutional right to defend your own life and property against tyrannical government forces.

God approves of your right to self defense against common criminals (Exodus 22:2), corrupt governments (Esther 8:11) and against anyone who wants to kill you for your Christian faith (Luke 22:36).

You can read these Bible verses in full here on this page, where you can also send your FaxGrams to the Senate demanding that they defeat this treaty!

Obama has proven that he is willing to go to any lengths to take away your right to keep and bear arms. Just ask the family members of the two federal officers and the 300 confirmed Mexican citizens who have lost their lives to Fast & Furious weapons.

Send your FaxGrams to defeat this treaty!

And then warn your family members, friends and acquaintances about it by sending them this link:


Finally, the Senate is still in session this week, so please call your Senators at 202-224-3121 in addition to sending your FaxGrams.  Tell them to filibuster the UN Arms Trade Treaty when Obama sends it to the Senate!


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