Sunday, December 15, 2013

Politics bumps heads with Hollywood. Isn't revenge sweet?

This past week just about every movie critic and Hollywood reporter has commented about the 71st annual Golden Globes nominations noticeable snub of the 2012 film "Lee Daniels' The Butler". It was only after reading in today's newspaper the latest hand-wringing from Jessica Herndon of the Associated Press, that it became clear. Ms. Herndon wrote: "Yet the annual picks by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association are typically questioned and this season is no exception. A rundown of snubs:  "Lee Daniels' The Butler." Isn't Oprah supposed to have a built-in value with the film community?" Maybe the mainstream news media is looking in the wrong place for the explanation. Or maybe they are afraid to admit the truth. Maybe there is a strong undercurrent of anger behind it.

A few months ago, when the ObamaCare fiasco hit the fans, there were several stories in the news about entire groups of Hollywood trades people either loosing their health insurance coverage or facing enormous premiums that used to be paid by the trade unions or the film companies. This was all faulted on the definition of their type of employment. Resentment runs deep and maybe the first person they recalled was Oprah Winfrey and the effused support that she gave to help elect Barack Hussein Obama. Her wealthy support of this Marxist/Socialist Democrat made her the figurehead of his Hollywood campaign. So perhaps, the snub of Oprah and her movie is a form of payback. And what may be more worrisome to Democrats everywhere is that same resentment being held by every American for what was done to them with this Democrat-created healthcare mess and what will happen next November on election day.
The worst is yet to come and they are now saying that on January 1st millions of people will find themselves with no health insurance coverage at all.

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