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Stop Barack Obama From Signing Away The 2nd Amendment

Almost 2000 years ago Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor of Jerusalem, stood on the steps of the praetorium and bending to the will of the powerful Pharisees, condemned Jesus to death. In all four gospel accounts, Pilate avoids responsibility for the death of Jesus. In the Gospel of Matthew, Pilate washes his hands to show that he was not responsible for the execution of Jesus and reluctantly sends him to his death. 

In present day, Barack Hussein Obama, a Communist-mentored Muslim, who has at times falsely claimed he supported our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms and at other times said Americans should not be allowed to own guns, has been unable to pass any Gun Control legislation through our duly elected Congress. Now, the Communist inspired United Nations has created a world-wide Small Arms Treaty gun ban and Barack Hussein Obama has said he planned on signing it in a few days. Once again we see historical parallels, a politician bends to the will of a foreign influence to falsely condemn innocent people. Wherein Jesus gave his life for the sins of mankind, modern day Christians may not be so willing to surrender their means to self defense and allow their nation to be turned into an unarmed tyrannical dictatorship. And I would not be surprised to hear Obama say that he is not responsible for what will come to pass.
Less anyone think this comparison is a stretch of the imagination, I remind you it is a fact that Christians in America today have been under assault by the Democrat controlled government. At their own national convention the Democrats voiced a verbal demand to remove the name of God from their party platform. Christians have been declared potential terrorists by Homeland Security and have been ordered to court martial for preaching their faith in the military. Meanwhile, our sworn enemy - the followers of Islam who have waged war against Christians around the world - have accessed the highest positions in our government and have purged all government training manuals and documents regarding their true purpose. Just as Charlton Heston former President of the NRA aptly stated, that the Second Amendment is the one amendment that protects all the others, today we read that our First Amendment Right to Free Speech is also in peril. The Justice Department has just repeated the Islamic demand that criticizing Islam is an act of Blasphemy and may be against American law. Even when telling the truth about Islam - if it brings embarrassment to Muslims it is a crime. So imagine what to expect from the Democrats when we have no means to self defense.


Stop Barack Obama From Signing Away The 2nd Amendment


URGENT:  June 3rd, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is poised to Sign the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

President Obama brought us back to the table for these negotiations, and then tried to quiet our involvement during the presidential election. He has indicated his willingness to sign it and we know he wants gun control in America.


Fax Congress Now!

If this treaty is signed and sent to the Senate for ratification, Harry Reid may use his dirty procedural tricks to ram it through, as he has other unpopular legislation.

This treaty is a nightmare for freedom-loving Americans, but it’s what Obama and his gun control supporters have wanted since the day he took office: a complete annihilation of our Second Amendment.

The ATT will regulate the trade of large arms (such as tanks, helicopters and missiles) and also, “Small arms and light weapons,” the definition of which is “weapons designed for individual use, including” but not limited to “revolvers and self-loading pistols, rifles and carbines, sub machine guns, assault rifles and light machine guns.” It will:

·         Enact tougher licensing requirements, making it almost impossible for you, an individual, to own a firearm

·         Require the government to confiscate firearms owned by individuals

·         Place further restrictions on the sale of arms

·         Create an international gun registry

·         Give foreign nations access to your personal data

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Senator Ted Cruz has just said that President Obama does not respect our “First, Second, Fourth or Fifth Amendments” … and we have been following his assault on our Constitution for quite some time. Nothing rallied anti-Second Amendment crowd quite like the horror at Sandy Hook, but legislation stalled in Congress.

This United Nations treaty is the best way for Obama to introduce gun control to America. It’s yet another way for him to bypass Congress. The Democrat-heavy Senate can sign off on it, and it’s done. It will mean global gun registration, which of course, is going to lead to global confiscation. You can bet on it.

That is why is it urgently important at this very minute to contact Congress and tell them you are against the ATT and you will not stand for the United Nations messing around with our freedoms.

Do not be fooled by liberals trying to play off this treaty as nothing. It will establish an international bureaucracy that will regulate and strictly control all arms, ammunition and parts –and if our country signs on to it, it will lessen our Second Amendment rights and eventually eliminate them.

Fax Congress now and tell them to stop this international intrusion.

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Tony Adkins
Conservative Daily
UPDATE: June 3, 2013 FOX News

Kerry: US Will Sign UN Arms Treaty

  • Secretary of State John Kerry says US will sign controversial UN treaty on arms regulations, despite strong opposition from lawmakers who contend the treaty could be used as a basis for additional gun regulations inside the US.

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