Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am getting tired of the undeserved honors some conservatives are giving Barack Hussein Obama.

I read several dozen conservative blogs and news sources every day. Some, myself included, often refer to Barack Hussein Obama in uncomplimentary terms such as our Muslim-in-Chief or Communist-mentored Dear Leader (as they call the dictator of North Korea) or even a P.O.S. But many of them continue to heap unintentional praises on Barack Hussein Obama, the very same person they ridicule and condemn, by referring to him as "president". As far as this blogger goes that last sentence is as close as I will ever get to writing the name and the undeserved title in the same sentence.

We all agree that Barack Hussein Obama is the most despicable American politician in history. We all agree that he deserves no honors or platitudes for the things he does and says. So why do so many bloggers and conservative commentators pay homage to this despot by preceding his name with the title "President"? In the context of literal accuracy it should be sufficient to merely write his name "Barack Hussein Obama" when referring to him. Adding the title, for which there is mounting evidence that he does not deserve or is qualified to hold, is both self-defeating and contradictory and sounds like some form of capitulation. 
Is it possible that some of you are guilty of the same Political Correctness that you scorn?
I would love to convince my fellow bloggers to discontinue this practice of using the term "President" until such time as we have a "President" who belongs to America and believes in America. Barack Hussein Obama does neither because he has no love for America or for Americans. He has no love for the Judeo-Christian concepts that led our inspired Founding Fathers to the creation of our once-great nation and our Constitutional Republic. Barack Hussein Obama has often stated his preference for Muslims and Islam which both represent a contradiction to our Constitution and our way of life that embraces God and Freedom and Liberty and our Laws. He deserves nothing more than impeachment and imprisonment and most certainly not some undeserved honor.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.


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