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From: Daily Sanity - How Green Is Your Ammo? Obama Uses EPA To Thwart 2nd Amendment

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How Green Is Your Ammo? Obama Uses EPA To Thwart 2nd Amendment

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Under the disguise of lead poisoning in our environment by ammunition rounds, the Environmental Protection Agency is moving through our court system, to try to eliminate ammo!  While they are at it, trying to eliminate our Second Amendment! 
The Obama Administration is using the EPA to make an “end run” around the Second Amendment and the pro-gun lobby.  Left-wing activists are attempting to get the EPA to ban all ammunition that contains lead!
Last week, a federal court said no. The District of Columbia US District Court dismissed another lawsuit brought by socialist groups who are trying to force the EPA to overstep their role.  District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan dismissed the lawsuit brought by the Center for Biological Diversity and six other groups.
Tell the United States Congress to make sure that the EPA does not go against our Second Amendment rights---
The Center for Biological Diversity claims, “Lead is an extremely toxic element that we’ve sensibly removed from water pipes, gasoline, paint and other sources dangerous to people. Yet toxic lead is still entering the food chain through widespread use of lead hunting ammunition and fishing tackle, poisoning wildlife and even threatening human health.  We will keep fighting to ensure that America’s wildlife is no longer needlessly killed by the millions by lead ammunition.”
Instead of too much lead adversely affecting children or animals, the real target are the sports enthusiasts and the Second Amendment.  These gun control activists are using this method of continually suing to get rid of ammunition and the Second Amendment. They are showing to what lengths they and others are willing to go to, to get their way to eliminate the ability of hunters and sportsmen in America. Consequently, it would prevent people from buying ammunition for any purpose, including their own protection.
Dr. Sharon Schuetz, a counselor and representative of Texas PolitiChick, asserts: “Patriotic Americans must stay vigilant and watch for this type of attack on our Constitution and freedoms. Gun owners are one of the most hated groups in the United States. Although, what many people don’t realize is gun owners help give groups like the Center for Biological Diversity the right to hate people who do not agree with them.”
Lawrence G. Keane, of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), emphasizes: “There is quite simply no sound science that shows the use of traditional ammunition has harmed wildlife populations or that it presents a health risk to humans who consume game taken with such ammunition.”
In spite of recent legal set backs, the Environmental Protection Agency is a “weapon” covertly used by the Obama Administration to help bring about gun control in the United States.  The EPA is more than just a governmental agency, it is a tool used by gun control advocates at the direction of President Obama.
A recent Wall Street Journal opinion by U.S. Senator John Barasso (R-WY), spoke: “During President Obama’s first term, EPA policies discouraged energy exploration, buried job creators under red tape, and deliberately hid information from the public.”
Obama’s EPA has generated 1,920 new regulations!  Now, the EPA does not exist just to supposedly “clean up the environment,” it is an “arm” of President Obama’s dominion of controlling guns in the United States of America!  No “minion” of President Obama, even under the disguise of not giving lead poisoning to people and animals, will take our Second Amendment rights away!  Tell Congress now!
The battle is NOT over.  We must continue our fight to contact every Congressman to vote against all gun controls!  Harry Reid will reintroduce gun control with different language in the bill.  Let Congress know how most Americans feel about their Second Amendment rights!
The Second Amendment, as written by our founding fathers, literally guarantees Americans the right to own and bear arms, guns.  We much continue the “heat” and pressure on Congress!  Please fax Congress to let them know that they must do everything possible to PRESERVE our Second Amendment. 
The time is up.  It is NOW either time to shut up or speak up!  Your faxes with help every Congressman to preserve our freedoms---TO SAVE OUR  CONSTITUTION!
Your fax is urgently needed today…right now, before President Obama, the E.P.A., Harry Reid and his colleagues’ take away our Second Amendment freedoms. After years of debate back and forth, right now, your Constitutionally guaranteed rights in the Second Amendment are in danger, again.
Patriots such as you won “Round one”.  But there are still more votes on this important issue.  Please fax right now.  If you value your Second Amendment Constitutional rights, you MUST fax today.
Tony Adkins
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