Friday, February 8, 2013

There is definitely a pattern here. Another Democrat becomes a mass killer.

I passed up on writing about this when it first appeared a month ago on the Free Republic web site. I had gotten it in an email as a joke and didn't check it out. Now the joke has taken a new twist. Now we are reading of another psycho shooter, this time in Los Angeles, who has gone on a killing spree and it turns out he is also a Democrat. Chris Dorner, the former Los Angeles Police Officer who is being hunted after killing several people, had a long list of complaints with several members of the LAPD and he wanted everyone to read about it. So he wrote a 21-page manifesto, laying out a list of charges against his fellow police officers and posted it on-line. He named names and specific charges against each and every one and labeled them all "a high value target". And as an experienced combat veteran he fills his manifesto with military jargon to emphasize his capabilities to hunt and kill his targets. You can read it all here:
While the mainstream news media is acknowledging Dorner's manifesto, it is doubtful any will comment about the specifics for as it turns out that in his manifesto, Chris Dorner is a devoted Democrat who heaps high praise on several prominent Democrats and endorses Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. Oh, and he is all in favor of gun control and applauds several Democrat complaints about 30-round magazines and AR-15 semi-automatic rifles.
So we can add Chris Dorner's name to the growing list of mass killers who are all registered Democrats. Specifically, a radio talk show host named Roger Hedgecock did some background research and found an interesting common denominator among some recent mass killers. Those who were old enough to vote were registered Democrats. Here is the post from the Free Republic. “…Back to the Roger Hedgecock show. Hedgecock found an interesting pattern in the political affiliation of several of the best-known killers in recent history. Roger said: I think we know, however, that there’s a registration list that tells us pretty much where the killers are.

The Fort Hood shooter, Major Hasan, was a registered Democrat.
The Virginia Tech shooter was a registered Democrat.
The Colorado theater shooter in Aurora was a registered Democrat.
The Connecticut school shooter was a registered Democrat.
The Columbine shooters were too young to register; both of their families were registered Democrats and Progressive liberals.

Maybe rather than restrict the right to keep and bear arms of ALL Americans (especially law-abiding ones), maybe we should only restrict the right of DEMOCRATS to keep and bear arms, since the pattern is pretty compelling that the vast majority of violence in America is committed by Leftists and Democrats (pardon the redundancy). Any of you liberals up for some “common sense gun control” now?”

Here is the link to the Roger Hedgecock Show for January 17, 2013. Fast forward to 21:00 for his information about the mass murders and their political stances:
So here is a new rallying cry: Register Democrats not Guns. That's a takeoff on an old cold war bumper sticker that said, Register Communists Not Guns, but then we started electing them. And here is one more piece of data to support the contention of that book I've given a free plug for in my left margin."The Liberal Mind" The Psychological Causes of Political Madness" by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. M.D. Maybe it would be wise to disarm all Democrats, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and bar them all from buying or possessing firearms.
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