Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Seems like almost everybody did participate in Draw Obama Day and a few even spotted the White House fake.

Laughter and sarcasm penetrate deeper than armor-piercing bullets. Laughter is one of the most potent weapons. When you laugh at your enemy they seem to shake like they were struck with a shock wave. And so in the days that followed the pompous White House warning to all those mischievous Internet bloggers to NOT photoshop or manipulate the image of Barry Soetoro/aka/Barack Hussein Obama deftly shooting a shotgun, it seems that almost everyone took up the challenge and did. Including yours truly. When I posted just a small handful of examples to the effort to show our collective disgust with the phony White House publicity photo I never realized how much this would take off. Within a few days there were literally hundreds of images posted on various web sites and blogs. So many in fact that I can only post links below to show you. But some more observant bloggers discovered that the White House photo could not have been taken at the Camp David skeet range. That is covered below.
Winds of Jihad (Australia)  has reposted photos from several places. Also has the best sarcasm. i.e The harder we laugh, the sooner he will fall.


Obama Skeet Shooting Photoshop Mania

Tired of laughter initiated by Obama’s improbable claim that he skeet shoots “all the time” (at least all the time that he’s not pedaling around on a girl’s bicycle, wearing a dorky helmet), the White House released the following picture, purportedly showing the metrosexual Moonbat in Chief shooting at clay targets at Camp David. I’m guessing he missed, since the gun is not aimed upward:

Oh, you mean we can’t Photoshop it? That would be rich, considering that Obama’s lackeys at New Republic tried to prop up his skeet shooting claim by Tweeting this lame Photoshop:

Maser Media  started out with 49 pictures on Sunday, then started a contest to gather votes (entries continue until Midnight, tonight) and as of this morning has posted a total of 81 images, (including mine #67).
UPDATE: 2-06-2013 Maser Media photoshop contest, 
If you care to vote for my entry #67 or anyone else's, go here: http://masermedia.org/dont-shop-obama-photo-voting-begins-today the voting ends Friday. Scroll to the bottom of the page and write your choices in the reply comments box. They limit this to 15 choices in the order your selection best to last but some have not voted for all 15. I went for the serious theme but most are a lot more humorous. You need to enter a name for yourself but not your real name, but they do want a real email address. Some of the photoshopped entries are really very funny. Click here to see the them:  http://masermedia.org/contest-best-shop-of-obama-shooting-skeet/

Twitchy has posted some that came across via Twitter.

Sad Hill News  Obama ‘Furious’ Over White House ‘Skeet Shooting’ Photoshops® – Issues Executive Order To Prevent Future Mishaps

Free Republic  has some very interesting variations. 

It's more real than Obama skeet shooting! 
29 posted on Monday, February 04, 2013 3:42:05 PM by smoothsailing
Followed by this one showing what you can do with a green screen backdrop.
31 posted on Monday, February 04, 2013 4:14:10 PM by McBuff
Both of which suggest that the "Official White House photo" was a fake.
Aerial photo of Camp David skeet range

Should start a contest. What station he was shooting skeet from. They all have 8' high wooden fence behind them. Strange the wooden fence doesn't show up in Obama Skeet shooting picture.
31 posted on Sunday, February 03, 2013 2:28:02 PM by tangchung
President John F. Kennedy took part in the sport as well at Camp David.
The Blaze  has a picture of President John F. Kennedy shooting skeet at Camp David and it doesn't look anything like the White House photo of Barack Hussein Obama.
(Image: AboutCampDavid)
I can see why the White House would go to the trouble of faking a photo of our Pansy-in-Chief making believe he can handle a shotgun. When he was called upon to toss the opening day pitch for the start of professional baseball season he came across looking like he was throwing the ball like a girl.


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