Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Timeline for Tyranny in America. It all adds up to one thing, Dictatorship.

The leftist mainstream news media in America has been fast asleep, in bed with the communists for decades. While they delve into the most miniscule details about decades-old innuendo's about conservatives, they ignore the most outrageous facts about Democrats. The liberals who control our education system in America have been gradually watering down our history, creating a generation of people ignorant about why and how America came to exist, while turning the young, impressionable minds of children toward a global slant on socialism. In college, liberal professors who have total control of their classrooms, blatantly harangue any student that questions their Marxist philosophy. Needless to say, almost every educator is a Democrat and the daily indoctrination favors Marxist/Socialist propaganda and the Democratic Party. So as a majority of Americans bask in their ignorance of domestic and world affairs, thanks to their liberal education, consumed with reality television and non-stop sports, our economy is being raped and pillaged by a hoard of greedy politicians. And as fast as America tries to appease totalitarianism throughout the world, propping up one dictator after another, the list of groups that hate us continuously grows. The Democrats endorse the immigration of countless numbers of migrants from Islamic countries, ostensibly for providing sanctuary from political persecution but also for their votes, while the number of Muslims plotting to commit acts of terror on our soil escalates.
What does it all mean and does it follow some sinister plot?

Conveniently, the greatest attack on America was committed by 19 devout Muslims bent on jihadic suicide on 9-11-2001 was immediately followed by the hastily drawn Patriot Act that allowed the suspension of key articles of The Bill of Rights for all Americans to allow law enforcement greater powers to track terrorism. That it was known by the government before the attack on 9-11 that those 19 Muslims, who were not employed by any airline, were attending flight school was also conveniently ignored. The Patriot Act was followed by the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Security which then defined terrorism to include anyone who opposed the government. A term so vague that they had the audacity to further define it by identifying Pro-Life supporters, 2nd Amendment supporters, returning veterans and third-party candidates as potential terrorists. Notably excluded from their lexicon of terrorists were devout Muslims like the ones who committed the act of terrorism on 9-11.

Then America elected a Democrat who had a questionable birth certificate, an adopted Indonesian stepfather, suspicious citizenship, an admitted association with the founders of a domestic terrorist group, The Weather Underground, and a long time childhood mentor who was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party who had been under surveillance by the FBI. No one seemed to care. Not the establishment Republicans elected by the people, not even the Federal Judges who dismissed countless law suits. What did seem to matter was the growing number of people who actually considered this Democrat to be the new Messiah.

Then this same Democrat conspired with his Justice Dept. to allow guns to be smuggled into Mexico so that the resulting carnage could be used to call for stricter gun control. The plan flopped when the details leaked out. This was followed by a few mass murders committed in America that led to a frenzy of news media coverage that all blamed the violence on the proliferation of guns and the need for new laws. The outcome of this is still in doubt but news has also been revealed that all of the perpetrators of those mass shootings were mentally ill people who were taking psychotropic drugs. The same mentally ill who have been championed by the ACLU to have the same civil rights as anyone else. We were also reminded that mind altering drugs have been a daily routine in almost every grade school in America to control unruly children. Millions of law-abiding gun owners across America began to see the light and expressed the opinion that if any form of gun registration that could lead to confiscation was passed they would refuse to comply. Meanwhile all of the top Democrats in the country have come out saying they still support the Second Amendment and the right to own guns for hunting and target shooting. The news media failed to inform the public that the true purpose of the Second Amendment was to provide the citizens with a means to oppose government tyranny and not to protect hunting rights.

Then this same Democrat had new regulations inserted in the National Defense Authorization Act to allow the arrest and detention of American citizens without trial. That bill was passed with the help of many liberal Republicans and was recently reauthorized for a second year. Meanwhile, news circulated among conservative bloggers, spurred on by the U.S. Army posting job bulletins for Internment Specialists, that FEMA had constructed several Internment Camps on U.S. soil. Coincidentally, some flag-ranked military Generals have been forced into retirement because they would not agree with this Democrat to follow orders to shoot at and kill American citizens on U.S. soil.

Now the icing on the cake appears to be the revelation in the past few days that this same Democrat, who was himself a Muslim, mentored by a Communist and close friends with known domestic terrorists, has sought out and obtained his authority from the Justice Dept. to kill Americans on U.S. soil without benefit of due process or trial. While masking his intent to kill those who plot terrorism, the very definition they use for terrorist includes those conservatives who oppose him. This same Democrat, who has declared the elected members of Congress to be a hindrance to his plans and has decided that he also has the authority to create his own laws by Executive Order, is, by every known dictionary description, a dictator.

If you don't know the name or names of the people described here you can blame your educators or the editors of your local newspapers. Ignorance may be bliss but it won't feed you or keep you warm in a concentration camp. America is no longer hell-bent on totalitarianism, we have arrived at our destination. It is already here.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.

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  1. The solution is for Americans to return to the Churches that they grew up in, i.e., a return to God. The liberals do not want the people to have that strong and reliable anchor in their lives. They want them to be morally adrift so that they can direct them into their liberal hell.


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