Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where we are today, how we got here, and where do we go from here.

Four years ago America was struck by a calamity of such great proportions it was like being side-swiped on the expressway by an 18-wheeler. It was the perfect storm that came together and helped elect a virtually unknown, black Democrat to the highest office in the land. The day after election day 2008 Americans were punch drunk. Most of us didn't know what had hit them. Some of us did. It could be said that the ascent of Barack Hussein Obama was the result of the most perfectly organized publicity campaign in American history. We soon found out that many good white Christians had been convinced that to not vote for a black man would have made them feel like racists. It was obvious where some of his votes came from; because he was black he had picked up more than 95% of the votes from black people. He got a lot of young people to vote for him because he was cool and hip and admitted to doing drugs while in college. And then there were the votes that came from the left-wing fringe crowd, the one's who find fault with all the goodness in America, the one's that blame the Republicans for everything. And there was always the union votes and the 'give me more free stuff' votes.

The one thing that helped Barack Hussein Obama the most was the indisputable fact that almost all of the news media is controlled by liberals, and they knew exactly who Obama really was. Nobody ever said that liberals were stupid. They may be completely biased but not ignorant. Barack Hussein Obama was the substance of every pipe dream they ever had. And they helped most to project his manufactured image more than anything. They had to because no one of good conscience in America would have voted for a person who espoused so many anti-American ideals.

The liberal news media also had to run interference for Obama to counter the fragmented conservative groups who were beginning to discover the secrets of Obama's background. First off they needed to ensure that the Republican Party did not put up any strong candidates to run against him. During the course of the Republican primaries one candidate, who was seemingly the least popular, was Sen. John McCain, from Arizona. McCain was the most liberal of all the Republicans, a genuine RINO, a Republican In Name Only. So the news media, almost as if they were following a playbook, decided to give McCain some very much undeserved publicity. The favorable press McCain received boosted his standings in the primaries at the expense of several conservative alternatives. Of course, the news media knew all the unsavory details about John McCain and was simply holding this back to use against him after he won the nomination. Even after McCain picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, and Governor Palin wowed the delegates at the Republican National Convention with her homespun conservative talk about lipstick on a Pitbull, many Republicans still couldn't stomach John McCain and opted to stay home on election day, just as the liberal news media had counted on. What else could be expected from Republicans who had listened to some of the inane comments from their presidential candidate during the campaign. Speaking as a true politician with no moral compass, McCain went so far as to say he 'would never say anything bad about a fellow member of the Senate'. After telling an audience that 'Obama is a good man' McCain practically suggested it was OK to vote for him.

From the beginning of Barack Hussein Obama's first campaign and continuing into his second campaign his political rhetoric was never questioned or explained by the media. Almost every word that came out of his mouth had a double meaning. When he promised to 'fundamentally change America' no one had any idea what he meant by it. Well, the liberals knew but they weren't talking, and the conservatives knew but without any channels through which to get out the truth, no one found out. When Obama said in his second campaign that he needed 'four more years to finish what he started' many people had no idea what it was that he wanted to finish. This time the conservatives knew a lot more about Obama than four years ago. We knew he had used a ghost writer to finish his autobiography. The same person who had helped launch his career in politics back in Chicago. A man named Bill Ayers who happened to be the co-founder of the pro-Communist terrorist group, the Weather Underground. And as if that was not as incredible as it seemed we then learned from that manufactured biography that Obama had spent 10 years in Hawaii being mentored by a person named Frank. And that Frank turned out to be a card carrying Communist named Frank Marshal Davis. From Hawaii, young Barack Hussein Obama went on to Occidental College, and thus began the mystery of his hidden background that has cost Mr. Obama several million dollars in legal fees to keep secret.

The last four years of the Obama administration has been a war on America that was plotted and executed by a Democrat-controlled Congress two years before the 2008 elections. Almost as if the Democrats had conceived of a long term game plan to turn America upside down, Barack Hussein Obama, then an unknown State Senator from Illinois with no outstanding voting record, was given the opportunity to make a keynote speech at the 2004 Democrat National Convention. Then, after a blistering campaign by the leftist news media to undermine Republican president George W. Bush, the Democrats won control of both houses of Congress in the 2006 mid-term elections and commenced the next stage of their plan, cripple the U.S. economy. Working though the banking committees in the House and Senate, Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank, both Democrats, made changes to the rules that governed the way banks would issue mortgages. They now demanded that banks issue mortgages to people who could not afford them. No one in their right mind could ever imagine that forcing banks to lend money to people who couldn't pay it back was an act of stupidity or negligence. It was a very subtle plan to cause massive home foreclosures and the ripple down effect to bankrupt the banking institutions. Banks cover their loans by grouping them into notes called sub-prime loans and insure them through FANNIE MAY and FREDDIE MACK the Federal National Mortgage agencies. The result was quickly felt and the stock market almost collapsed a year later along with massive unemployment. After Obama was elected he was given a mandate to fix the economy along with a blank check. He borrowed trillions of dollars from China and began to repay the sources of his Democratic backers. Billions were squandered in Green Energy enterprises owned by Obama supporters who had contributed to his campaigns. After accepting the loans from the government these businesses went bankrupt. The auto industry also became a victim of the downfall of the economy and General Motors was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy when Barack Hussein Obama stepped in and took control of the company. After giving GM billions in loans, Obama replaced the Chairman of the Board with one of his cronies, placed two member of the United Auto Workers on the Board of Directors and handed over 1/3 of GM's stock to the Auto Workers union.

Acting like a kid in a candy store Obama went hog wild grabbing power in the U.S. government. With no authorization from Congress or the Constitution, Obama created three dozen separate departments within his administration run by people he alone appointed and called them Czars. He was following his campaign pledge to 'fundamentally transform America' into a Socialist state.

So today is the day every conservative has been waiting for, for the last four years. Time for payback. Time to correct the error made in 2008. Time to take back America. The liberal news media almost had succeeded in a repeat of 2008 by helping decide who the Republican candidate for president would be. Joined by a leftist community of entertainers, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has been the subject of ridicule and bias and insult for the entire presidential campaign. Liberal news commentators have salivated over Barack Hussein Obama's reelection efforts to the effect that some of them have gone ballistic at the mere mention of Mitt Romney's name on television.

But an unexpected thing has happened in this 2012 campaign. Due to a remarkable decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, private organizations were allowed to form to raise unlimited amounts of money to spend for and against the candidates and they certainly have. The TEA Party that was so prominent in the 2010 mid-term elections with massive outdoor demonstrations came back with a well organized television campaign and a nationwide bus tour. Several other grass root organizations sprung up and have blistered the television airwaves with a non-stop campaign. As a result, the national polls are showing this race for the presidency almost tied. And the more realistic polls, the one's that do not give over-sampling to Democrats, are showing Mitt Romney leading by a sizable margin.

What happens tomorrow? There is always the fear that the Democrats could steal the election away from Mitt Romney. There have been widespread cases of voter fraud reported both with ACORN, absentee ballots and dead people voting - all due to the Democrats opposition to voter I.D. laws. Voting machines have been found to be rigged. The Democrats have made it difficult to impossible for our soldiers in the Armed Forces overseas to participate in the vote. The hurricane disaster in the northeast has caused many people to be unable to vote in the normal way; N.J. said they could vote by email and N.Y. said they could vote in any precinct. And then, Barack Hussein Obama and his chief White House consultant Valerie Jarrett have promised revenge on everyone who opposed him. Should the criminal efforts to reelect Obama fail, he will still have two months to remain in office and it is expected that he will commence a reign of terror against America. And, God forbid, should Obama get reelected, he will get his opportunity to finish the job he started and fundamentally transform America. And in the next four years, the America we know today, will no longer exist. Barack Hussein Obama with change the makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court and with a liberal majority in the highest court in the land he will challenge every right that every citizen now enjoys today.

Looking back at the last two years since the TEA Party enabled the Republicans to take back the House of Representatives, it may prove to be a grave mistake that the majority Republicans decided not to target Barack Hussein Obama personally with their investigative sub-committees. Had they did so he would have been so distracted with defending his fraudulent conduct he would have no time to campaign. This mistake was the result of still having too many establishment Republicans in senior positions in the party. Too much of the clubhouse mentality like John McCain who refused to attack a fellow member of the Senate.

What else should we worry about if Obama wins? First off is, plan for a civil war. When Obama successfully challenges the 2nd Amendment and boosts the U.N. gun ban there will be millions of gun owns who won't take kindly to that knock on the door when they come to disarm you. Plan for shortages in food because interstate commerce is still controlled by the government and it is not to extreme to think that entire communities could become victims of shortages.

And pray more today than ever before so that none of this happens. As St. Augustine said: "Work, as if everything depended on you. Pray, as if everything depended on God." Conservatives have worked this election to the bone, emptied their savings, and now it is time to pray.

It is now 1 PM EST, we've already voted. The rest is up to God.
My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.

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