Saturday, November 24, 2012

Have we become a nation of sheep lulled to sleep by the wolves?

The events taking place in Egypt today are truly remarkable for their speed and degree of violence. In the span of only a few hours thousands of Egyptians stormed into the streets in a fit of rage to protest the newly proclaimed dictatorial powers of the man they only recently elected president., quoting a story that first appeared on a French newspaper web site FRANCE24, wrote the blazing headline:

(AFP) Protesters set fire on Friday to the offices of the Muslim Brotherhood, the party of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, a day after he assumed broad new powers not subject to appeal. Pro- and anti-Morsi rallies erupted in cities across Egypt. 

Protesters torched Muslim Brotherhood offices on Friday, state media said, as supporters and opponents of President Mohamed Morsi staged rival rallies across Egypt a day after he assumed sweeping powers.
The offices of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, were set ablaze in the canal cities of Ismailiya and Port Said, state television said.
The Egyptian protesters knew exactly who the enemy was, the Islamic political group called The Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization behind every Islamic terrorist group in the world. The same Islamic group given bona fide recognition by Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton. And the people in Egypt knew immediately where to take their anger because they also knew exactly what their foreseeable future would be.

Any American reading this news or watching some abbreviated version on television will probably think that such violent reactions are uncivilized and would never happen here at home. They would probably be right because we have become a nation of sheep. A nation that cringes and hides from the embarrassing slander that we cling too much to our guns and religion. Those same Americans don't realize how brainwashed they have become by the constant news media indoctrination they receive day in and day out. Our culture has been so manipulated by our news media and advertising agencies that we accept as completely normal behavior the blind desire to stand on line for hours waiting for the latest technological marvel to arrive from China, or to wait at all hours of the night to watch a hot new movie. Our senses have been dulled by outside forces that bend and distort the truth so much that most of us have no idea what the difference is between right and wrong.

While a few conservative news sources and bloggers have made some comparisons between the dictatorial power grab by Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and the similar concentration of powers through the Executive Orders issued by our own Muslim-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama, we seem to only accomplish the task of preaching to the choir. By and large the American public has completely forgotten recent events within our own government that bore a striking similarity to the power grab in Egypt. The liberal news media did not allow them to think about it or they would remember the power of Executive Privilege proclaimed by Barack Hussein Obama when he denied certain documents subpenaed by the House Subcommittee investigating the Dept. of Justice gun smuggling plan called Fast and Furious. Or the denial to release to the Senate confirmation hearings White House communications between Obama's then nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Solicitor General Elena Kagan who worked to push Obamacare through Congress. How much difference is that to the proclamation made by President Mohamed Morsi when he declared himself to be above the province of the Egyptian judicial courts stating that any challenges to his decrees, laws and decisions were banned.

If the greater American public should ever be informed the truth about Barack Hussein Obama's communist background or his present day Marxist/Socialist plan for America or his Muslim connections would there be massive riots setting fire to newspaper offices blaming them for their lies or burning down Democratic Party headquarters because of their deceit? I doubt it. We do not have the spirit of revolution in our collective DNA anymore like our Founding Fathers did. As one right-wing wag already said, "Our Forefathers would be shooting by now". Today when some citizen commits treason they get celebrated on a TV talk show instead of arrested and prosecuted in court. Not even a massive planned unemployment crisis or millions of foreclosed homes or starving homeless families caused any protests in the streets. Will a law abiding public willingly disarm themselves if the United Nations gun ban is enforced and our Second Amendment rights are dissolved? Would the nationalization of all private pension funds and 401k's be the straw to break the camel's back? I wonder if we shall ever see another Concord or Lexington in our future or another Patrick Henry proclaiming his regret to having but one life to give to his country. We can only seem to be interested in Black Friday sales or sports events rather than think about the prospect that our nation just had its government stolen away from them by crooked politicians and a rigged election.

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