Saturday, November 3, 2012

Playing games with numbers. From political polls to unemployment, your opinion is being swayed.

Did you all hear about the great news when the unemployment numbers went below 8% for the first time since Barack Hussein Obama conned his way into The White House? Of course you did. Every talking head in the leftist news media made sure of it. Did you also hear that when those numbers were being compiled by the Labor Dept. that the state of California was delayed in submitting their reports and their totals were not counted? Of course not! It got only a very brief mention on Fox News. This is how people play games with numbers when they want to hide something that makes them look bad.

Unemployment totals released by the government do not reflect the total number of people who are unemployed. To explain that seemingly contradictory statement it is necessary to look at what changes the government has made over the last 20 years in the way the unemployment is counted. By simply changing the rules and no longer counting the number of people who have run out of unemployment benefits these people are considered to have given up looking for work so they're not considered to be "unemployed". Neat, huh?

When a person runs out of unemployment benefits they qualify for welfare and food stamps. If the totals of people who are on welfare are counted in the unemployment equation the numbers jump dramatically. Estimates are that combining all the figures brings the totals of people who are not working to over 20%.

Polls are often used to discourage opposition candidates voters into staying home. This is accomplished by giving undue weight to one political party or the other. Since liberal Democrats control most of the opinion making businesses in the country the poll takers are automatically comprised by their own liberal bias. More than half of the polls commissioned today are conducted by news media consortium's such as the NY Times/USA poll or the ABC News/Washington Post, etc. The polls are biased in favor of Democrats because they over-sample Democratic voters. In other words they ask more Democrats than Republicans who they're going to vote for and it is not done by accident. The poll takers also ask loaded questions meant to confuse some people. There is an interesting web site called UnSkewed Polls that has some different projections on the outcome of Tuesday's election. They show Mitt Romney beating Barack Hussein Obama by at least 6%. No doubt such a projection would be very discouraging to Democrats and likely to make many stay home, especially those living in the storm-ravished Northeast which are Democratic strongholds.

One thing most people will agree on is that Barack Hussein Obama has done a wonderful job in reinvigorating the Republican Party. Local governments are projecting upwards of 75% voter turnout on election day and I strongly believe that most of them won't be Democrats. If only we can elect a strong majority in both houses of Congress will be be able to turn this Obama mess around. I predict that next Tuesday will see the greatest number of Republicans show up to vote than ever before. The numbers will be historic.
Come next Wednesday, someone over at the Democratic Party headquarters will be reminded of the fateful words of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto's famous quote after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, saying the attacks would only serve to "... awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve". Yeah, Obama, that will be us.


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