Friday, June 29, 2012

The hypothetical trial of Chief Justice John Roberts.

Yesterday we learned that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in support of a Marxist/Socialist, left-wing Democrat plan to turn healthcare in America into Socialized Medicine. Death Panels included, the devil turned out to really be in the details, so I won't waste words repeating all the bad things about Obamacare. But what turned out to be a truly shocking decision was the fact that a supposedly conservative Chief Justice named John Roberts, who was appointed to the highest court by a Republican president, joined in with four left-wing liberals to vote in support of this law. It was that single vote by the Chief Justice that tipped the scales and upheld the law.
So now, in fairness, I want to attempt to create a hypothetical trial and offer some defense for what some have called this treasonous act that Chief Justice John Roberts has been accused of. It may not be enough to simply say this highly educated man is nothing more than the Asshole of the Century. Lets try to examine all the sides before we rush to judgment.
Chief Justice John Roberts, Asshole of the Century
It goes without saying that the relationship between Barack Hussein Obama and the Republicans have reached the boiling point. Every year the Justices of the Supreme Court, along with members of both houses of Congress, attend the State of the Union address. Two years ago, Barack Hussein Obama turned his address into a pep rally and pointedly accused the conservatives on the Supreme Court of playing partisan politics because they had voted to overturn Obama's ban on corporate spending. Justice Samuel Alito was videotaped mouthing the words "Not true" as a silent reply. On September 9, 2009, while Barack Hussein Obama was addressing a joint session of Congress to outline his proposal to reform healthcare, Republican Congressman Joe Wilson pointed to Obama and shouted out, "You lie." In a manner of speaking, in yesterday's session of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts also said that Barack Hussein Obama lied about his healthcare law. For the past two years Obama has been telling everyone that the enforcement provision contained in the Individual Mandate provision that ordered everyone to obtain healthcare was NOT a tax, it was a penalty. In fact, the 2700 page Obamacare law repeats this in dozens of places. So it turned out that Chief Justice John Roberts only voted to uphold Obamacare because he felt, while Obama's defense of his healthcare law was not within the Constitutional authority of Congress to regulate Commerce, it fell within the authority of Congress to apply taxes.  What is even more important is the fact that while rejecting the Obama defense's argument that the "penalty" was Constitutional, Chief Justice Roberts gave the Obama defense an argument that he felt was justified. In essence, he rewrote the wording of Obamacare by substituting "taxes" for "penalty". This would be unheard of in a court of law if a judge rejected a defense lawyer's argument and gave him a better one.
So we have Chief Justice John Roberts giving a backhanded slap to Obama by saying he did lie about the penalties. Now we have to judge the consequences of this mind game that Chief Justice John Roberts has played on the 300-million citizens of the United States of America. Among the population of our once-great country, millions of elderly Americans on Medicare will now face severe cutbacks in medical coverage because part of Obamacare is being financed by cutting 500-Billion dollars from the Medicare program. Many senior citizens will be denied medical coverage all together when the Death Panels begin to evaluate the economic benefits of keeping them alive and they will be denied coverage. There will be a shortage of doctors after Obamacare begins to cut their fees and they will simply stop practicing medicine. All these things considered, was the game of calling Obama a liar by Chief Justice John Roberts worth the tragic consequences forced on everyone else? The hypothetical jury has ruled that it wasn't. The jury has ruled that Chief Justice John Roberts is, in fact, the Asshole of the Century. 
Now we must hope that the rest of America will begin to see the truth about what these pro-Communist Democrats, who call themselves Progressives and Socialists, which are all the same thing,  are doing to our country. Now we must work to elect a veto-proof Congress controlled by Republicans who will stand up for the people and repeal this law and return our nation to the Republic it once was.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.

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  1. Nelson,
    Excellent essay. I will agree with your awarding Jon Roberts the "Asshole of the Century" title. I have looked at his decision objectively and cannot find a single reason to continue to shine this turd.

    Roberts' job was to simply decide the constitutionality of the legislation and nothing more. Some pundits describe his decision as some landmark victory whereas it propels Romney into the WH. I disagree... the decision lends legitimacy to the left's absurd claims.


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