Monday, June 18, 2012

New Superman license plate in Ohio causes problems for Democrats and state of Hawaii.

A story appeared today in the The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio about a new Ohio license plate bearing the Superman insignia and slogan: "Ohio - Birthplace of Superman." Democrats are in a quandary because up till now they've been led to believe that their Superman, also know as Barack Hussein Obama or BO for short, was born in Hawaii; so a major tiff is brewing between these two states. These are the images that the Democrats came up with in 2008.

Ohio changes planned Superman license plate design

CLEVELAND (AP) - Plans for a Superman license plate in Ohio are being altered because the slogan doesn't match the origin story for the Man of Steel.
The story says he was born on the planet Krypton, but fans of the comic superhero know he was created by two teenagers near Cleveland in the 1930s. A nonprofit society honoring those creators proposed a license plate with the famous "S'' insignia and the slogan "Ohio - Birthplace of Superman."
The Plain Dealer in Cleveland ( ) reports DC Comics and Warner Communications were concerned about the birthplace reference, so officials plan to come up with a different slogan.
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My suggestion to Ohio would be to put this slogan on your license plate: Ohio - Birthplace of The Real Superman. Let Hawaii deal with the other guy's image. Maybe that's where BO got his taste for the Maui Wow-wee that he enjoys smoking so much.


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