Sunday, April 29, 2012

NEWSMAX: Obama to tout attack on Osama bin Laden.

Just read this account on Newsmax about Obama getting ready to take credit for the Navy SEAL Team 6's successful take down of Osama bin Laden and I recalled seeing a picture made up by one of Barack Hussein Obama's admirers during his 2008 campaign. I've added my own caption to the picture below. I have only quoted one key paragraph from the Newsmax story but this should set the tone for the rest of the 2012 campaign. In spite of Barack Hussein Obama's close ties to radical Muslims and communists, he will be portrayed in the following months as an all-American super hero.

"I would have done it myself personally but I was too busy planing my next vacation."

Obama to Open Situation Room to Tout bin Laden Attack

Saturday, 28 Apr 2012 10:03 AM
By Dave Eberhart

As Obama opens the secretive White House Situation Room as an interview stage to hail the one-year anniversary, the broader goal for the president is not to just to remind voters of an enormous victory on his watch, it is to maximize a political narrative that he has the courage to make tough calls that his opponent might not.
And this just in from Move America Forward:
In just a few days we will mark the 1 year anniversary of the day our Navy SEALs tracked down and took out the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. But President Obama, in an election year, with sagging poll numbers, desperate for a boost, has taken again to claiming credit for the success of our troops.

Obama has used the rarefied setting of the Situation Room to give an interview about how he made the decision to send in Special Operations forces. Vice President Joe Biden gave a speech saying the re-election slogan would be "Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive." The president’s campaign released a Web video showing former President Bill Clinton praising Obama’s fortitude, as it questioned whether Mitt Romney would have made the same decision.
- NY TIMES  4/28/2012


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