Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Islamic terrorist-funding group wins approval to spread propaganda in Florida school with help from local newspaper.

Reprinted with permission.

Tampa school board WILL allow terror-linked CAIR officials to propagandize students

by barenakedislam

The school board in Tampa has officially declined to adopt policy prohibiting CAIR officials from addressing students with Islamist propaganda.  The Tampa Tribune’s biased reporting gave comfort and support to the school board decision.  

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The Hillsborough County School Board held a workshop on Friday, March 30, 2012 to discuss a possible policy regarding speakers who would be allowed to address students.  Six of seven school board members were not interested in adopting any new policies on the subject. 
Therefore, the Hillsborough County School Board officially allows political advocacy groups to address students.  This means that CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) may continue to indoctrinate students with propaganda including Islamist Sharia law. Florida Family Association predicted from the beginning that the Hillsborough County School Board would not adopt a policy.
Tampa appears to be the only school district in America that knowingly allows CAIR officials to address students without any restrictions.   Do you think the school board would take such a controversial position if they did not have the cover and favor of the local newspaper?  Do you think these officials would respond this way if The Tampa Tribune published factual articles regarding CAIR and admonished these elected officials for allowing this terrorist linked organization access to students?

The Tampa Tribune’s biased news report that CAIR is not a terrorist linked organization gives cover and comfort to the Hillsborough County School Board.  The Tampa Tribune published comments from a high school student as an authority to negate suspicion about CAIR’s ties to terrorists.  The Tampa Tribune reported in part in the article titled “School Board policy ok on classroom speakers:  “They (that would be you and other concerned American patriots) claimed the group has ties to terrorists and has an agenda other than educating students about Islam.  "I think it's unfounded," Austin Ransdell (Steinbrenner High School Student) said, speaking of the outcry. "It was just about how Islam started."
That’s it, that’s all, Mr. Ransdell says it is untrue so why contest it.
Compare The Tampa Tribune propaganda to this News9.com reports “Former CIA Director James Woolsey told a group in Oklahoma City that CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is an extremist Muslim group with ties to terrorists.  Woolsey said CAIR, once called “The Islamic Organization of Palestine”, is named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the federal case U.S. vs. the Holy Land Foundation which “is the biggest terrorist financing case of all time.”  Click here for full News9.com report. 
The Tampa Tribune’s omission of the facts and propaganda about CAIR is far more destructive than one CAIR official talking to a few hundred students.  Tens of thousands of people read The Tampa Tribunes misinformation.  More of The Tampa Tribune’s propaganda is reported in this Florida Family Association article.

The American values we cherish cannot afford to allow the liberal media to go unopposed in their propagation of CAIR.
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