Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Aussies see the big picture, why can't Americans?

The following is one page from today's post from the Winds of Jihad web site in Australia. My guess is that too many Americans are standing so close to the trees that they can't see the forest. So lets step back a little and take another look.
by sheikyermami on March 27, 2012
Enemy in the White House:
The USA spent $trillions on a nuclear arsenal to prevent Russians from imposing communist totalitarianism on the free world. The money was wasted. We now have a president who for all intents and purposes is a communist and who is planning to sell us out to Russia:
Obama Promises Medvedev He Will Sell Out USA After Election

Obama caught off mic promising to give Putin everything after his re-election
Is Jake Tapper the only objective reporter left in the whole of the mainstream media? This is another bombshell by the traitor to his adopted country. Once again he is abandoning our allies and relinquishing American sovereignty to our enemies by covert executive fiat.  No surprise here, as this was meticulously documented in my book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s war on America. Read it.
Krauthammer on the latest Obamster gaffe:
Expect the enemedia to gloss over this executive act of sabotage!  (Pamela Geller)

Barack vs. Barack: Group Uses President’s Words Against Him in Viral Obamacare Video
 Group Uses President’s Words Against Him in Viral Obamacare Video GOVERNMENT–Read More »
Joke or Truth? Socialists.com and Communists.com Redirect to Obama Campaign Site
OK, slight apology needed here. Some of those quotes above originated here at home. So some Americans do see the Big Picture but the leftist mainstream news media ignores it. By the way, when I heard that open-mic statement from Obama to Putin I had a slightly different take on it. To me it sounded like Obama already considered he had won the November election. We'll have to work a little harder to prove him wrong.



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