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Trouble in paradise. A 14-year old Muslim girl in Barbados explains her religion.

From the BARBADOS FREE PRESS, November 26, 2010, c/o Jihad Watch. These are the views of Islam through the innocent eyes of a 14-year old Muslim girl who doesn't realize how revealing her comments are or how much she has been misled.
Barbados Muslim Girls School, 14 year old student: “Nothing wrong with beheading, chopping off your hands, severe beatings”

What values are taught at Al-Falah Muslim School?
“Hijab is compulsory… hide woman’s beauty as protection from rape.”
“Beheading, chopping off your hands, severe beatings are Islamic rules, nothing wrong in it.”
When a dozen or so girls from the Al-Falah Islamic School recently participated in the Long Beach clean-up while wearing Muslim dress and veils, Barbados Free Press wrote The Muslim vision of the future for all Barbadian women and republished a photo of the group. (shown above, courtesy of The Nation)

Three of the students in the photo placed comments on our article – and what they have to say is most disturbing.

Naively, the 14 to 16 year old girl students of the Al-Falah Muslim School simply wrote the truth as they see it and revealed values and standards that are totally at odds with our society.

No person in Barbados, and especially in the Ministry of Education, can read their comments and not be concerned about what is being taught at the Al-Falah Muslim School.
In the past, Barbados Free Press questioned the text books used and the lessons taught at our Muslim schools. BFP asked what the Ministry of Education is doing to supervise a curriculum that is largely created and sometimes directly delivered (electronically and via publications) from Saudi Arabia.
This concern about Muslim schools is worldwide as advances in technology allow Saudi Arabia to export their values and standards to children in Muslim schools everywhere.
“PUPILS at Islamic schools across Britain are being taught how to chop off a criminal’s hand and that Jews are conspiring to take over the world, a BBC investigation has found.”
(Give thanks and a Banks beer to Jihad Watch for the link)
Barbados is not immune from the same type of problems being experienced in the UK.
Posted below is the full comment written by the teenage girl student from the Barbados Al-Falah Muslim School. You’ll find a link to the other two comments as well.
Are the values and standards shown in the comments an acceptable result for a school in Barbados?
Is teaching that that there is nothing wrong in mutilation and beheading for offences against Muslim Sharia law acceptable in our country’s schools?
Is it proper to teach that the onus is on women to prevent rape by “covering their beauty”?
You want to know what is taught at the Barbados Al-Falah Muslim School?
Here it is…
(Bold highlighting on interesting statements added by BFP)
GirlInThePic#2 (Original comment posted here)
October 29, 2010 at 2:35 am 
Since my two friends have alread placed their views above^ I will state my own views and hope you people comprehend it.
First off, we went to the beach for a Geography project DUNDUNDUN!
Second off it was also to help OUR country ’cause we are Barbadians. Isn’t this a good deed of ours Yes it is.
Third off, Everyone has five fingers and they are all differnet. This is the reason why some where complete Hijab and some don’t.
Every muslim is different so stop comparing us Barbadian muslims to the Pakis .. who rage war all the time and are terrorists. I as a muslim can tell you that NO REAL MUSLIM would ever hurt any innocent lives and if they do, may Allah Ta’ala forgive those brothers and sisters.
Fourth, have you all forgotten we all came from the same people? Adam and Hawa, known as (Eve)? Or do you just think we are aliens from outer space? Someone said that muslims don’t drive but I can prove you wrong. Women do drive, so that person is a “fail”.
Fifth, The person called Jane who goes to the site “crossmuslims” wher i talks about things which aren’t true about us, you are seriously misinformed. You know why? Because our beloved prophet whom we LOVE so much more than wealth, family, life, even your husband, mother and father (but not god)! He was a prfect exampe of what ANY PERSON should be like. He was no rapist or pedophile or “nutjob”. He never had sexual intercourse with Aisha (r.a). She remained a chaste woman for her entire life. Those who say he was a pedophile, May Allah Ta’ala forgive you! This is God’s most beloved person and you talked about him in this way, I surely don’t know what punishment awaits those people, but it ain’t good :/.
Sixth, the people in this picture, these girls (including me) we are only from the ages 14-16.
We pose no threat to this country, we only wish to live in peace and spread our wonderous religion to those who want to join. We don’t force non-muslims to embrace Islam. So whatever foolishness I read above about “forcing people to accept Islam and muslims are the most perverted etc” is all false. People even mentioned the 9/11 incident. Well…guess what my fellow brother and sisters..NEWS FLASH! we aren’t pakis..we are BARBADIANS, so why do you continue to compare us? Who knows why, only god does. Maybe the media hs corruted your minds already enough. You know once one of my friends got asked “we dont even know wuh wunna does got unduh dah thing! wana cud be hidin guns!” < This is a perfect example of how the media corrupted people’s minds to think that all muslims are terrorist. I despise the media tbh.
Seventh, I’ve decided to give you people a few pointers on Muslims:
a) muslims are NOT terrorists ( those who are terrorists ar not muslims, they pretend to be muslims to make us look bad, common knowledge)
b) Hijab is compulsory on anyone who has reached the age of puberty. Reason being to hide one’s beauty so no unfortunate events occur. Eg, rape. It’s a form of protection. Did you hear that? Feel it..embrace it! It protects us!
c) Muslims are suppse to be peaceful and loving. Onc again (NOT TERRORIST)!
d) The prophet was not a pedophile. Do not make a mockery of what you don’t know. That is a sin in EVERY religion. Common knowledge once again.
e)MUSLIM WOMEN CAN DRIVE! DUHHH (im plannign to getmy license next year, no one is stopping me).
f)FACT – Did you guys even know that the Government system was etablished by the muslims? Yes it was. After the prophet died there were leaders after him, one was calle Umar and he etalished te governent system for the first time. So what is sooooooooooo wrong about muslims leading for an era once more? What if a muslim became prime minister? What do you think she’s going to do? Kick you all out? Enslave you? Make you accept Islam? Kil you? CHop yur heads off? pleaseeeeeeeeee That is all nonsense. Se woud rule like anyone else. She would possibly invite you towards islam but not force you, nor kill you, nor kick you out, nor eat you alive, nor enslave you. I will say it once again, Islam is a religion of Peace. Get that through your thick skulls!
I wonder if there is anywhere in your studies tat tell you about who brought about the government system..
g) Oh and we are not perverts…we may think like normals girls and boys but we are not perverted in the way of pedophilia, racism, raping..etc (But apparently some christian priests are?? O.o)
h) There are different types of muslims(bet you never knew that) I am A Suni muslim – this type of muslim is said to be the better of the others judging on the beliefs. The different muslims have different beliefs about Islam.
i)If the 9/11 attack was really caused by “muslims” then by my knowledge^ and what I said you should come to know that those couldn’t be real muslims, as we would not do anything of the sort. Btw Bush has always had it out for us :/.
j) Beheading..chopping off your hands, severe beatings,etc. Are strict Islamic rules and these are the things that were done during our prophets time and are continued till this day to follow the tradition, there is nothing wrong in it. These things are done to teach lessons so they won’t commit the act ever again. Once in the past a father had to give his OWN son for consumng alcohol (but he was unaware he had drank alcohol tho) a number of lashses which resulted in his death.
k) If you didn’t know, then I will tell you that in the times before many people had accepted Islam because of our prophet’s sublime character not by the way of the sword. If only the Christans from before had listened to the prophet, then all of this confusion (this as an example) would not be happening. What a wonderful world this would be..
If we had all opened our eyes to see…
Ok i think I made myself clear, thanks for reading this if you did.
I hope you guys understand some new thins about us :)
I hope I helped.
I hope I become a great scholar one day.
I hope Inshallah that next time things won’t get out of hand because of our Geography projects ;) .
Bye for now!

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