Friday, December 30, 2011

CAIR manages to shut down a strong voice against worldwide Islamic terrorism. Push begins to reinstate Bare Naked Islam.

It was reported yesterday on Pamela Geller's web site Atlas Shrugs that another web site called Bare Naked Islam has been shut down by the host site Bare Naked Islam was a site that carried news about Islamic extremist atrocities from all over the world and displayed it in a vividly detailed photojournalism style. Admittedly, you sometimes needed a strong stomach to watch the videos of the beheadings and the burned and mutilated corpses following some local display of Muslim outrage, but that is the price we pay for the truth.

BNI Shut Down Again, Hamas-Tied CAIR Does Victory Dance

Hamas-tied CAIR has been calling for some time for BNI to be shut down because of comments. Wordpress (the blog platform) responded by shutting down BNI in late November and then reinstating it; now it has been shut down again, and the Hamas-linked nazi goup CAIR is doing a victory dance. They're claiming credit, although details are sketchy: the BNI publisher says Wordpress hasn't given her any explanation for suspending the site, and that she has been monitoring comments closely since November 26, when the site was first shut down.
But it wasn't the gory graphical details that got Bare Naked Islam in trouble. It was their vocal protest against the cable television show All-American Muslim and their support for Lowe's Home Improvements decision to pull their ads from that controversial show that raised the complaints from CAIR to pull the plug on BNI. All-American Muslim was nothing but a white-washed pile of propaganda that was spreading lies about a very sinister group of people who masquerade as a Religion of Peace while practicing the most barbaric customs. Islam has been attributed to 99.9% of all the terrorist attacks in recent history as the motivating factor, including the attacks on America on 9-11-2001.
I have a personal attachment to Bare Naked Islam because last year I designed and created the masthead logo you see above. I have also sent the following email to in their defense. Whether or not you approve of BNI's strong opinions, I strongly urge everyone who reads this to do the same. If a subversive group can succeed in silencing its opposition then where will we find an outlet for the truth? If it can happen to BNI, it can happen to any of us. Contact
One of the founding principles of America is acknowledged in 1st Amendment of our Constitution that guarantees Freedom of Speech. It is a matter of fact that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that even such vile and disgusting statements as "Thank God For Dead Soldiers" are protected rights when members of the Westboro Baptist Church carried those signs at military funerals. In our own history we have read that famous quote commonly attributed to Voltaire,  "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. " and it was such thoughts that led to our Founding Fathers to create the Bill of Rights.
Bare Naked Islam should not be silenced for whatever they say no matter how unpleasant it may appear to some people. As the saying goes, "The truth often hurts" and Bare Naked Islam has always provided the sources for their reporting.
Today we are living in an age where a very powerful news media can and does distort the news and hide certain facts from the public. One perfect example has been the results of the 2008 trial in Federal Court in Dallas, Texas of the Holy Land Foundation where several leaders were convicted of funneling charity donations to the terrorist group Hamas. At the conclusion of this trial several other Islamic groups were identified as unindicted co-conspirators and one of them was CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Despite this fact, CAIR is still widely recognized as the official spokesgroup for Muslims in America and virtually no newspaper ever reminds its readers of their involvement in the Holy Land Foundation trial. CAIR is known to be the major group behind the complaints against Bare Naked Islam and I believe there arguments should be ignored because of their biased background.
I strongly urge you, in the name of fairness, to reinstate the Wordpress web site Bare Naked Islam.
Nelson Abdullah
Independence, Kentucky
I am Oldironsides.


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