Monday, October 17, 2011

Will the Occupy Wall Street movement precipitate the call for Marshall Law that Obama needs to postpone the 2012 elections?

The demonstrations have already started in numerous cities across America. Because they have been peaceful, so far, the local politicians haven't stopped them and also because the ring leaders have been identified as the same communists, Marxists and socialists that helped Barack Hussein Obama to get elected. In other words the demonstrators have acquired privileged status. The catchphrases being chanted from their soapboxes even appeal to some conservatives to create the air of broad political support for the 99% Occupy movement. The only element not represented yet are the true unemployed, homeless people but the free food may bring them out.
It is not inconceivable to imagine the scene becoming ugly and violent. Barack Hussein Obama desperately needs to get reelected or to find another way to stay in office beyond 2012. Obama's popularity poll today is half of what it was in 2008 because three years ago no one really knew who he was. All we had then was the phony hype created by the leftist news media but now all that has changed. Now Obama is probably reminding himself of the words of wisdom taught to him by Rahm Emanuel, "Never let a crisis go to waste." All he needs to do is throw more fuel on the fire to excite the masses into violence so he can call out the National Guard to regain the peace. And while this is happening and blood is flowing in the streets he will establish Martial Law across America. We all know that when that happens it won't bring about a rapid peace, it will take forever. So in order to maintain public safety it will be necessary to postpone the elections. Just for a little while.



  1. Ironsides -

    You have a flair for seeing around the corner. I did not connect those dots. I would hope that our brothers and sisters in uniform would dissuade Mr. Obama from that course of action.

  2. Marshal law has been a concern of mine for over a year now. Seems this just may do the trick. Like Common Snse, appreciate the dot connecting.

    Hope you've made your plans.

  3. Ironsides,

    I gave this more thought.

    When you have a lot of time on your hands you might take a look at "The Revolt of the Admirals; the fight for Naval Aviation 1945-50." by Jeffery G. Barlow. With a hostile President and a moron for Secretary of Defense, (sound familiar?) the Navy organized an effort to defeat the Truman administration - and they did.

    If the services aren't at least considering how they would resist such a move by Obama as you suggest - then they are foolish in the extreme. If they aren't considering the Navy's effort 1945-50 - they are missing the blueprint. Indeed they should have dusted off the Navy plan to resist the invasion of the homosexuals.

    As you will recall - our oaths were not to the President but rather to the Constitution. The instrument that the President would need to enforce martial law would be the military. I don't think he will have them.

  4. Common Snse, I have read two brief descriptions of the book, one from the CFR and the other on Sorry, but I have no time to read the entire book. The Council on Foreign Relations (Yes, I know all about them) says: "In the ensuing feud over nuclear weapons--equipped bombers and the importance of carrier aviation, a chief of naval operations found himself forced out of office in what became known as "the revolt of the admirals.""

    A reviewer on said (in part): "On May 22, 1949, the body of the man generally regarded as the leading government official warning of the communist menace abroad and within the United States government, the nation’s first Secretary of Defense, James V. Forrestal, was found on a third floor roof 13 floors below a 16th-floor window of the Bethesda Naval Hospital. He had been admitted to the hospital, apparently against his will, diagnosed as suffering from “operational fatigue” and kept in confinement in a room with security-screened windows on the 16th floor since April 2, some seven weeks before. The body had been discovered at 1:50 a.m., and the last edition of the May 22 New York Times reported the death as a suicide, although the belt, or sash, of his dressing gown was tied tightly around his neck, a more suspicious happenstance than anything associated with Masaryk’s death."

    While nothing was mentioned about Truman, I recall the JBS idea many years ago that Forrestal's death was thought to be a murder not a suicide.

    As far as your comment on our oaths to the Constitution, you remind me of the group Oath Keepers who have a naive thought to get law enforcement to swear not to violate any citizens Constitutional rights even if they are ordered to.

    And, posse comitatus should keep the US Military from enforcing martial law because it forbids them from doing so. That leaves the National Guard. If the US military tries to enforce martial law then we will have a full scale revolution.

  5. Sides,

    Sorry - I had assumed from the motif of your site that you had been in the military and understood our relationship to the Constitution. You have nothing to fear as a citizen from your military.

    The interesting thing about the "Revolt of the Admirals" is it points out how loyal American military officers pushed back against a President who was a buffoon and his criminally ignorant Secretary of Defense. Neither Forrestall's death, the Counsel on Foreign Relations, or the quoted review have anything to do with the historical event that was the
    Revolt of the Admirals."

  6. Common Snse, I served my country in peace time. I was on active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1957 to 1962.

  7. Thanks for all you do:

    Do you really think Soros et al. will abandon ALL they have accomplished to bring down the U.S. and allow some Conservative pres. to take over? Ironsides, do you think INTERPOL or some group owned by Soros could step in to get martial law up and running?

  8. Anonymous, I think you need to reword your first question. I think if the polls indicate Obama's reelection chances become slim against any conservative candidate, then Soros and the other leftists behind Occupy will step up the heat, make a lot of noise and sacrifice some of their useful idiot followers to bloodshed. INTERPOL and Soros have no direct control over declaring Marshal Law on U.S. soil. Marshal Law will only be declared in the name of public safety after state and local leaders plead with Obama to declare it. Then he will do so, reluctantly, so it will appear he had nothing to do with it. And also in the name of public safety, Obama will ask that the elections be postponed but only for a little while. Like indefinitely.


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