Sunday, October 9, 2011

Planned mosque in Florence, Kentucky put on hold. Land sold for hefty profit.

The Kentucky Enquirer reports today that the proposed mosque in Florence, Kentucky on Cayton Road, that received a lot of protests from the residential area where it was to be built, has had a change of plans. That 5 acre property, which backed up to a shopping mall, that was owned by the Mercy Foundation, has been sold for a huge profit. Originally purchased in 2008 for $200,000 it was sold to the property developer that owns the mall three years later for $950,000. Mercy Foundation owns two other properties in Florence, Kentucky. I checked the other properties in the database of the Boone County PVA web site. Besides a small office building on Houston Road, they still own 4.05 acres at 1290 Mt. Zion Rd. in Florence, Kentucky, located in another residential area. While the Mercy Foundation has not commented on their plans for a new mosque, the profit they made in the sale of the Cayton Road property could be used to build a mosque on the more densely populated Mt. Zion Road area. 
FLORENCE - A group that planned to build a mosque near Mall Road in Florence has sold the property for a hefty profit.
The Mercy Foundation purchased the 5.5-acre lot on Cayton Road in 2008 for $200,000, the assessed value of the parcel. In a transaction dated Aug. 29, the group sold the property for $950,000 to New Plan Property Holding Company, a division of Centro Properties.
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While the residents of the Cayton Road area are probably breathing a sigh of relief since their peaceful community won't have to tolerate the wailing amplified Muslim call to prayers five times a day, another community may still face this in the future.  If you are not familiar with that daily ear-splitting event that begins in the middle of the night, here is a recording for you to listen to. The noise is known to travel almost a quarter mile away and is the same sound Barack Hussein Obama said was the most beautiful sound he ever heard. Here are some maps showing the location of the Cayton Road property and the Mt. Zion Road property taken from the Boone County Property Valuation Administration web site.
The Enquirer reported that "Joseph Dabdoub, a spokesman for the Northern Kentucky Islamic Center, said the developer simply made the group an offer it couldn't refuse." taking a line right out of "The Godfather" and "While the Islamic Center would like to remain in Florence, the group is also considering other Northern Kentucky locations." An interesting side note is that the head of the Cincinnati office of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations, known as CAIR and labeled as one of several unindicted co-conspirators by the Justice Dept. in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trials is named Karen Dabdoub but has no relation to Joseph Dabdoub. Karen Dabdoub has served as the Executive Director of the CAIR-Cincinnati Chapter since 2004.  Prior to joining CAIR she was the Administrator of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati for five years.


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