Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why are American journalists being attacked in Egypt.

Fox News, CNN and ABC News seldom share the same point of view on political and social issues but in Egypt, in the midst of the revolt for freedom, reporters and cameramen from these American news media have all been attacked by angry mobs, some who were dressed in police uniforms. Greg Palkot, a journalist for Fox News wrote that after being taken to a hospital after a violent encounter with a mob he was “held blindfolded at the Ministry of Military Security, marched lock-step to a location, then videotaped and photographed as if in a line-up.” Anderson cooper, a CNN reporter was beaten on two occasions and ABC News' Brian Hartman and his crew was kidnapped and threatened with beheading.

Bloody in Cairo: A Firsthand Account
By Greg Palkot (Fox News)

Egypt: ABC News Reporter Brian Hartman Threatened With Beheading

‘I Was Frightened!’: Video Captures Assault by Egyptian Mob on CNN’s Cooper

Video from Anderson Cooper's web site here:
In this modern age of instant communication, Facebook and Twitter, texting and cell phones, the average person on the street in any city in the world has a better grasp of what is going on than ever before. Thus the first action by some dictators is to attempt to shut down the Internet. That, alone, should be a warning to Americans because Barack Hussein Obama wants the authority to do the same thing here. And the oppressed people in Egypt know the part being played by the American news media in distorting the facts. That is why they have labeled all American journalists as part of the enemy working against their interests.
Many American journalists have contributed to the heroic nature of revolutions. The difference between what is happening in Egypt today and what happened in the hills outside of Havana, Cuba in the late 1950's when Fidel Castro was being called "The Robin Hood of the Sierra Maestra mountains" is that people are less fooled by the intentions of the news media because of better communications.
It seems that the only Arab nation friends that America has are those run by small groups of dictators who need our help to stay in power. Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt are the most prominent examples. Smart people realize that your true friends are those you don't have to buy but our government fails to see the wisdom and we continue to prop up and support dictators around the world who sell their friendship to the highest bidder. In exchange for their pretended alliance we turn a blind eye to how they treat their own people thus creating a situation that is ripe for revolution. We lost Iran that way and this is what we have going on now in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is no different from any subversive group that foments revolution among the oppressed to take over a government. The Communists did the same thing years ago. The anti-American leftist news media plays an important supporting role by distorting the news in order to keep Americans uninformed so we won't complain to our elected officials. Interestingly enough, the Egyptian people staging the protest for freedom may be aware of the part the American news media plays. This may account for the recent attacks on American news media personnel in Egypt. In the end we lose and radical Islam expands its influence.

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