Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The games that RINOs play - snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

RINOs Compromise – Harry Wins & The Republic Falters
Update:  With the minority–crippling Filibuster "reform" vote securely headed to defeat on its own demerits, McConnell still could not resist playing "let's make a deal" and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. He agreed to limit the requirements for Senate approval of presidential appointees, in exchange for the hope of the change that Harry Reid will stop decorating the legislation amendment tree all by himself, and Republicans will get invited to Harry's party too.  If McConnell's feckless, "non–binding" concessions to Reid are actually ever enacted and enforced, this dirty, dumb and unnecessary deal leaves OBAMA FREE TO STACK THE COURTS WITH ACTIVIST JUDGES!
The first premise of strong negotiation is to always begin by asking for more than you expect to get, and are willing to accept.  Begin by demanding inclusion of an item that is absolutely unacceptable to the opposition, (in this case, the threat of the nuclear option on judicial appointments, not just routine and legislative business, probably served Reid well), and follow with a list of seemingly smaller requests – which are in fact your main objectives.  Let the opposition exhaust themselves fighting against the unacceptable option, then agree to "concede" that point.  This in turn prompts the opposition to "compromise" and grant your "smaller" requests — where you actually wanted to wind up.  The end result — the opposition thinks they won, but in fact conceded vital ground, while you walk away with everything you initially wanted.
My point in explaining this obvious negotiation tactic is to illustrate how Harry Reid in the Filibuster "reform" fight rolled Mitch McConnell and the Senate RINOs yet again.
Reid demanded an illegal rule change apparently seeking to reduce the super–majority number to 51 rather than the historical 2/3s / 3/5s higher–threshold vote, compounded by demands for removal of the Secret Hold and finally, (barely noticed by McConnell and crew), "easing of the appointment process."  Reid conceded his high–target first demand, thereby preserving the super–majority on cloture votes and letting media touted "bi–partisan compromise" appear to "save" the Filibuster (Reid never had the votes, and probably never wanted the change, as shrewd Democrats know they will one day, maybe soon, be in the minority themselves).  Reid also promised on a "non–binding" handshake that he'll let Republicans add amendments to bills – provided McConnell agreed not to "abuse" this privilege too much.  In exchange, McConnell compromised and offered up Senate oversight of presidential appointments – drastically reducing the number of Obama appointees in the next two years that will require, and hence will receive, Senate oversight and approval.  This pitiful and irresponsible "deal" abdicating Senate authority  is being hailed as a Republican victory!
Reid knew he could never pull off a change in the super–majority.  1.  It's unlawful and 2. The pitchforks and torches would have arrived in Washington by the droves.  But McConnell played Reid's game and traded the one thing Reid and Obama really wanted and needed FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS to seal the deal on their Marxist take–over of America – the balance of powers.  By reducing the number of appointees that require Senate approval, Obama is free to load the Obama Administration and the courts with as many Leftist, Republic hating, legislate–from–the–bureaucracy–and–the–bench Marxists as he can squeeze in before 2012.  By stacking the judicial system, and dictatorially driving the Executive administration into every governing space he can force it to occupy, Obama will have successfully radicalized two of the three branches of government – eliminating our system of checks and balances and making Congress ineffectual and nearly irrelevant.  This my friends, is how a Republic dies.
While McConnell's RINOs are busy writing resolutions to seal their capitulation and cripple their critical presidential appointee oversight, Reid and his empty promises are heading straight to the new throne.  McConnell needs to be told in no uncertain terms that the American system of checks and balances MUST be preserved.  NO COMPROMISE!  NO APPOINTMENTS WITHOUT SENATE CONFIRMATION!
Congress MUST protect what remains of its institutional integrity!  Your voice can be heard — we need your urgent help at DAPAC to get this message out more widely to American voters, and intensify the pressure on Congress to halt this travesty!  Get the new Constitutional House members to brace up the old bull elephants in the Senate!  Enough is enough — Just Say NO to Compromise with Harry Reid and Obama!
The Senate voted to preserve the Filibuster. ENOUGH!  No concessions!
Even smaller donations are going to help.  Send your faxes to Congress and contribute to this fight TODAY!
Any amount — $1000, $500, $250, or even $100 will help us fight the battle to save America from Obama and his minions in the Senate, led by Harry Reid.  It's time we stood up and said NO MORE!  Please join us with your DAPAC donation TODAY. Thank you.
Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

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