Friday, February 11, 2011

If Obama’s socialized medicine plan is so great why is he granting waivers to his supporters?

The question that is going around today is if the socialized medicine plan called Obamacare is such a great thing, then why is Obama granting waivers to all of his supporters? Even before the Obama socialized medicine plan went into effect, large groups of workers who had supported his political campaign were lining up to receive waivers that exempted them from the huge cost of participation in the plan. FOX News reported as early as October 8, 2010 that a million people had already been exempted.
Obama Administration Grants Health Care Waivers to Big Companies, Unions
Published October 08, 2010 |

McDonalds got a break Thursday -- as did the 351,000 members of the United Federation of Teachers -- when the federal government gave waivers to high-profile companies and organizations letting them opt out of a key mandate in the new health care law.

The one-year waiver to 30 employers, insurers and union plans, covers about 1 million people and allows the groups to maintain minimal coverage below the new law's standards.

Obama Grants 500 New Health Care Waivers
January 27, 2011 - Fox Nation

A week after Republicans announced plans to investigate waivers granted to organizations for healthcare reform provisions, President Obama's health department made public new waivers for more than more than 500 groups.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is granting temporary waivers to organizations that would not be able to meet the reform law's new requirement for annual coverage limits.
And today, in an email from Grassfire Nation, comes the startling announcement: “as of today, more than 2.2 million Americans have been exempted from ObamaCare by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
The Issue
President Obama knows that his socialist takeover of our healthcare services is a bust, so he is feverishly doling out waivers to labor groups, unions and political friends -- exempting them from having to participate in his nationalized plan. Already more than 2.2 million citizens have benefitted from this latest Obama hand-out with more anticipated.

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